Sir Paul goes gaming…..

I just caught a little of this on the news the other day, apparently Sir Paul McCartney is going to license his solo career catalog to be used with The Beatles’ Rock Band software….. Paul always said the money was in publishing and licensing , although it cost him The Beatles’ catalog to one who shall not be named (MJ) in the past….. Time to do some “Band on the Run” on your Wii…..

As I said, I only caught part of this, if anyone knows the details let me know…… It’s been a “Venus and Mars” type of year already and that’s alright with me…..

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  1. Mac probably needed the bread to replenish his supply, after his last divorce. Women have a way of doing that to your ass(ets).
    The Wii thing. Guess that is this generations version of air guitar.

  2. Yeah, Paulie’s bank account probably got in the low billions, which, would tend to affect his “Knighthood in Good Standing” status….. Actually, I think he wanted his solo work to get out to the young ones along with The Beatles’ songbook since the Wii Beatles’ Rock Band is such a big hit…..

    Let me tell you, the Wii is definitely harder than air guitar….. Robo has the Beatles’ Rock Band and it is actually harder for me to play the guitar parts than if I just picked up my personal guitar and worked them out and played them for real….. You have this guitar neck on the TV screen and the notes scroll up it…. At a certain point you have to depress a proper colored button(s) at the proper fret(s) with the left hand while picking this little bar with your right hand (you push it up or down for upstrokes and downstrokes)….. It ain’t easy – But, they do make all the instrument interfaces – Paul’s Hoffner, George’s Gretsch and Strat, John’s Rickenbacker, and Ringo’s drum kit….. It’s still fun to listen to all the Beatles’ music and the graphics are great….. I guess I’m too old of an old dog to teach new tricks….. Oh, well, it had to happen some time or other…….

  3. Mr, you’re right. But I wouldn’t trade retirement for Wii skill (in my case, lack of). Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die (Some guy named Jethro). Must have been the guy from Beverly Hillbillies.

  4. I think you have “Bodine Syndrome”, Sunn….. You’ve confused the “Nought goes into Nought” Jethro Bodine with a British band who named themselves after a person that was not even in the band!….. Image that!…..

  5. Bodine syndrome? Googled it, couldn’t find anything.

  6. Of course you didn’t find it, Sunn, Granny was the doctor who diagnosed it and named it, but, Granny didn’t keep the best of records…. Since she wasn’t a member in good standing with the AMA, they refused to recognize any research papers from her….. She tried to get Uncle Jed (Clampett) to buy the AMA with all his oil money, but, Mr. Drysdale, the Beverly Hills banker redirected the funds to his own benefit, and, had a fake “Certificate of Ownership” for the AMA printed up in Granny’s name….. He presented this to Granny and it still hangs in her kitchen/doctor’s office….

  7. I’m going to have to watch some old episodes. I have suspicions PDB may be lurking in the background. It this possible? Does anyone really know what time it is (or PDB’s approximate age)?

  8. PD Bob told me, in the strictest confidence, that he was actually Prairie Dog Bob the VII….. After viewing his photo album, they all look alike and span about 100 years, so, you may find a PDB anywhere in modern history….. PD Bob likes to refer to himself as PDB 007….. He also claims he’s licensed to mettle in the affairs of anyone, anywhere, anytime….

  9. Double agent 007. That figures. Should have known.

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