Annexed by Canada….eh?

Yep, Hosers, it’s been below freezing here in the Heartland almost constantly since even before the record breaking blizzard we had on Christmas Eve….eh?… Snow everywhere (even yellow snow) and c-o-o-l-l-d…… So-o-o, we’ve been annexed into the British Empire via Canada…. Take Off, eh?…… Here’s the details……

I woke up yesterday with a Royal Canadian Mountie knocking on my door….eh?… Wanted a cup of coffee and directions to the State Capitol to deliver the official annexation order….. I gave him a cup and told him to, “Take Off, eh?”…….

PD Bob showed up on a dogsled full of Canadian bacon….eh?… He had on a walrus coat and big fuzzy took on his head, and, a copy of Bob and Doug’s movie……. Hoser the dog was leading the pack…eh?….

Oh, yeah, before the Mountie left he told me he was also carrying plans for a ski lift project from Vancouver to OKC and back……

There’s nobody out there that still believes in Global warming is there?… I’m going to pour me and PDB another cup, eat some fatback, and discuss it in detail…… Take Off, Hosers….eh?…

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    The low last night here in NE Kansas was -8 degF. Brrrrr.

  2. HS, I think they are going to put the ski lift right through your area too…… I almost bet you sometimes wish you would have stayed in OKC or Seattle ….eh? Seattle’s the warmest of the lot and I think that’s quite unfair!…… -8, eh? – Now, that’s a “Three Dog Night” and then some….. Just keep those kind of temps North of OK’s border – 2 degF above is our lowest low so far……

  3. They thought the Walrus was Paul. It was really PDB.

  4. You know, Sunn, I asked PDB where he came up with the Walrus coat…. He wouldn’t give me a straight answer, but, he did admit to being in the UK recently….. I’m thinkin’ Grand Theft Walrus……eh?

  5. Today 46 degrees, light rain, overcast. Forecast for Seattle, much the same.

  6. Have any of your heard about the phenomena called “smoke on the water”. Well if things don’t change around here I’ll be looking at “smoke on the water” in the back yard. For now snow on the grass for two weeks Brr.

  7. Skamokawa……..A small town in Washington on the lower Columbia River….an indian name which means “smoke on the water”. Also the site of a recent ceremony returning the head of a tribal chief to it’s tribe. Visited briefly once by PDB on a undetermined mission ( no connection with the severed head) .

  8. I Did’nt know that one. I was refering to feezeing sea water mist.
    Happens over close to freezing sea water about 0 degf and air temp in the negetive 20’s.

  9. I’m thinking this wasn’t the basis for the Deep Purple song.

  10. RoboLsd,

    Sounds close to the same thing. The fog rolls in from the ocean up the river and retreats as the day warms up.

  11. Sunn, I think you’re pulling our collective chain!….. I’m sure, by your previous posts and comments, that you are well aware that the song, “Smoke on the Water” was about a club that was built out over a lake which caught on fire and burned while Frank Zappa and the Mothers were playing a live gig there….. It was somewhere in Europe….. I don’t recall the exact place, but, I think it was in SwedenMontenex, Montenou – something like that….. In the moving process, I have everything boxed up right now, so I can’t get to my reference material or the CD the cut is on……

    Anon, I was wondering where PD Bob got those arrows that were sticking all over his dogsled….. He mentioned something about participating in an old Indian ritual of some sort on his way back from the Great White, but, I didn’t take him seriously….. I guess I need to have a further discussion with him on the subject…..

  12. Ok. 1st MR, You wanted some bad weather for OK “I’m tired of sunshine all the time”. 2nd All of those who wanted a “White Christmas” Get out here and drive in it!!!. 3rd Just remember these words ” Dreamed I was An Eskimo” {FZ}. I’m over it, I said OVER IT!!!!!. Did you hear Me Mother Nature OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for clarity read last comment previous post). Take Off Eh. CoooRooKooKooKooKoooo

  13. I think, Mr. J.J., my statement didn’t include bad weather, just a few more cloudy days with the occasional light rain now and then….. How are those roads, anyway, J.?… Glad you checked in and give me a call if you are back in the area……

  14. Heh, heh. Reread my post, Mr.

  15. Yep, you caught me again, MR.
    Since you’re up to it at MRC, I’ll explain.
    Yes, it was, from a club the Mothers were playing.
    The smoke form the fire was visible for three days above the water of the Switzerland portion of Lake Geneva. The lake also runs through France. If I recall, I think the bassist Roger Glover came up with the title. (Deep Purple were in the vicinity recording, at the time.)

  16. You know it’s cold when the weather man misses the low by 4 degrees and you realize that he missed it by double. 8 degrees for a low brr.

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