Being a relative newcomer to this Blog, I went back & read some of the old posts. One in particular I enjoyed was the one about your favorite album or cd of all time. I think one of the criteria mentioned was that you had to like every cut on the album. There are several albums I like every cut on (Dave Mason-Alone Together, Harry Nilsson-Nilsson Schmilsson, Yes-Close to the Edge, Beach Boys-Pet Sounds, Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon, several Beatle albums, a few Moody Blues albums). Picking just one would be nearly impossible for me. Also, there are some guilty pleasures I wouldn’t dare mention to some of my former musician sidekicks for fear of reprisal . And is the case with most people, your favorites are usually the ones you grew up with, although jek seems to be a pup, he definitely doesn’t prove that theory. His list was an unusual one for a young whippersnapper A very good one, I might add.

PS-MR, I respectfully disagree with Let It Bleed. IMHO Sticky Fingers had it beat.

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  1. It’s nice to know that we can agree to disagree….. To me, Sticky Fingers is just too slick of a commercial-based project for The Stones, not to say that it doesn’t have it’s high points….. I love “Can’t you hear me Knocking”, “Bitch” and we used to play “Brown Sugar” (although, I have since became burned-out on it), but, mainly, I just cannot see (nor hear)myself listening to “Wild Horses”, “Sister Morphine” and “Moonlight Mile” over and over again….. Talk about commercialized depression….. Remember the bit about liking every cut on the album…… I would be ramming bamboo shoots under my fingernails by the end of the first week…… “Gimmie Shelter” please, “it’s just a shout away!”…….

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    A lot of my favorite music is found on albums that I can’t listen to all the way
    through. King Crimson is a good example—I really like Dinosaur, Eyes Wide Open,
    The ConstruKtion Of Light and several other cuts from their relatively “recent”
    albums, but I wouldn’t care to hear any of the albums since Thrak all the way
    through again. Nilsson–Schmilsson would be another example; The Most Beautiful
    World In The World is one I like a lot. You’re Breakin’ My Heart, Joy, Turn On
    Your Radio, but not the whole disc. I’d have to agree with Sunn on everything
    else he mentioned. Plus a couple of Genesis’ and E.L.P.’s albums, and maybe half-
    a-dozen of Jello Truth, I mean Jethro Tull’s catalog. This Porcupine Tree is new
    to me, but I’m diggin’ it. Thanks, MR.

  3. Looking back there have been several informative, favorite-like music posts. Here’s a quick run-down:

    HARD KNOX AND DURTY SOX – the desert island quiz
    Music Please

.. – a request for new music choices
    Your favorite Music – more faves

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    Thanks, Jek, for the links to past posts. Randalf-come-lately hadn’t delved
    that far back, but I guess it’s true that the farther you look into the past,
    the farther you can see into the future. I don’t think there are many things
    that say as much about a person as the music they listen to. Then there are
    people who don’t even listen to music. What’s up with that ? As for the desert
    island quiz, if I could only listen to one album–even one of my favorites–
    then I’m checking out of this two-bit existence.

  5. Back to the Desert Island post, I was listening to Sgt. Pepper the other night (Classic CD @ Midnight) on our Classic Rock Station (Or excuse for one) and it fits MR’s criteria. When hearing it it was like the 1st time all over again, Every track is a favorite (Including Within you Without You) I could listen to it over and over and I think it is as relevant today as it was in Jun of ’67.
    I just went back and looked at my answer back then and wish to change my answer teacher.
    Although I still stick by FZ’s Joes Garage for a close favorite.

  6. Yeah, I went back and looked at that post again….. It was made shortly after the start-up of the blog, and, although I’m not changing my choice, I forgot about getting my Decca copy of “Let It Bleed” autographed by Byron Berline…. I guess I need to try and take care of that upon my return to OKC area…. And, yes J.J. since this is the holiday season and time for giving and forgiving, I guess we will permit you a change of heart, although Frank will never talk to you again (Sorry, does that touch a bit in the distasteful zone since Frank was taken away from all his fans a few years back….) ,but, Lovely Rita will be knockin’ on your door (with a parking ticket)……

  7. Yeah when you get back get with me and we will track Byron down. He has been playing recently at the Back Door Music Hall on Sat. nites.

  8. #8 by Randalf the Grey

    If there were a hell, it would probably involve having only one album to listen to.
    But if the Central Scrrrutinizer forced me at gunpoint to take a hundred of my favorites
    and narrow the list down, I’m sure that J.J.’s picks (SPLHCB & Joe’s Garage) would make
    the cut, but it would be hard to leave out Revolver, Abbey Road, Just Another Band From
    L.A. or One Size Fits All by those same artists.

  9. Yeah, it would is hard to imagine life stranded with only one album to listen to over and over….. These days with all the smaller formats (I-Pod) you could conceivably have your complete audio collection with you when your plane went down on that deserted island….. I think the greatest fear in life, for me at least, would be loss off hearing….. I rate it over loss of life…. I just don’t think life would be worth living without the ability to listen to and enjoy music….. It’s just so ingrained in my daily routine….. Speak up, son, what was that you said….. eh?……

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