Stones to Ashes (Rolling that is)…….

Here’s one you might be interested in: In 1988 an Austrian company tried to acquire future rights to Mick Jagger’s body……. The company planned to cremate Jagger and pack the ashes into hourglasses to sell to Rolling Stones fans……..

Anyone want to see Mick make an “Ash” out of himself?….. I wonder just how big the hourglass would be and what the projected cost per unit would be, and would they have cremated specific parts (if you know what I mean) to be sold at a higher price…….

On Deep Space Nine , Quark thought he was dying and put his decimated body on the futures market…… He only amounted to 52 disks and all 52 were purchased by his worst enemy so that he could destroy them in enjoyable ways……. Hopefully, Jagger would fair better if he ever decided to enter into such an Enterprise…….

2 Responses to “Stones to Ashes (Rolling that is)…….”

  1. This brings to mind the controversy that arose when Baseball great Ted Williams (who many believe is the greatest hitter that ever lived) died a few years ago. Does anyone remember the outcome of that one? Definitely some interesting possibilities, don’t ya’ think?

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    What do you suppose the street value of a pound of B.C. Bud would be
    if it were cut with Mick ?

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