Dukes of Strat (Successor?)

Got this from MSNBC this morning.
“The Kingsbury Manx aren’t your typical pop band. Their name sounds British, they’re from North Carolina but don’t sound Southern, and they eschew the typical catchy pop hooks. The title of their latest album, “The Fast Rise and Fall of the South,” sounds like it could be used for a Faulkner seminar; instead, it’s the moniker for an album that has that has one song that could be waltzed to, another that ends in a blare of feedback and a third that uses wine glasses as backing instruments.

The band sounds a bit like early Kinks (singer Bill Taylor sounds an awful lot like Ray Davies) meets Simon & Garfunkel — sort of a folk/pop/alt-country hybrid. It’s no surprise that Wilco’s Mike Jorgensen produced the record ” Jeff Tweedy and company were probably a bit of an influence (and rumor has it that the Manx boys will be opening for Wilco on their next tour). Manx songs have clean lines and a delicacy that feels as if every element has been carefully placed ” if I had one problem with the CD, it would be that it feels almost too controlled.”

Listened to the samples, sounds pretty good. Much like Dukes of Stratosphere. The one sample sounds like it could be Ray Davies. Pretty cool. Thanks again to TTop & jek for reviving my interest in listening to new things. I had almost given up!

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  1. Interesting. I listened to the 30 second samples and there is quite a variety of styles present. “Harness and Wheel” conjures up pre-Dark Side Floyd. Ray Davies does indeed seem to be singing on several tracks. I’m not quite sold enough to buy it, but darn close. (Plus I’ve exceeded my CD quota for this month already.) Thanks Sunn.

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