One of the things I miss most about Seattle is Tim’s Cascade style potato chips. I’ve regularly had them in Boulder/Denver, and our local Albertson’s carried them for about a week here in central OK. My dear wife brought back from Border’s tonight two snack-size bags of Tim’s. Awesome!

I know they can be ordered through their website, though I’ve never done it.

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  1. They would make a darn good quiz prize……The best chips in the world. What’s your favorite flavor?

  2. You know it took me a while to like Tim’s. Initially I thought they were stale, but they are merely on the tough side of crunchy–which I now like. In fact, I initially balked at my now favorite flavor, Sea Salt and Vinegar. YUM! Darn, now I need to go out and get some.!

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    I like the Original, the Jalapeno, and the Alder Smoke BBQ. I’ve never had the wasabi.

  4. Ok now you have got my taste buds salivating, I’m assuming that they are better than Cape Cod Brand? Somebody needs to be a bootlegger when he goes up there soon (HINT HINT MR) my order is 2 bags Alder Smoke BBQ. And 2 bags Sea Salt & Vinegar Please. Payment pending.

  5. #5 by huskysooner

    Yeah, I think they’re superior to Cape Cod or Kettle. You need to try the simple, unadorned Original, too.

  6. It’s agreed then. MR will be bringing you all an assortment of Tim’s.

  7. BTW, while shopping for supplies for this last weekend, I couldn’t help buying a big ‘ol bag of Tim’s. Unfortunately I didn’t get to munch them on our trip–chips don’t hold up well in backpacks–but I know they are waiting for me at home tonight. Oh man!!

  8. Do I have “Delivery Boy” stamped on my forehead?…… Ah, I guess I don’t mind, but what kind of condition will the chips be in after riding in the luggage compartment of an airplane?…… Powdered chips might not be that great……

  9. For completeness, here’s the list of the current flavors from the Tim’s Cascade website.

    • Alder Smoke Barbecue
    • Habanero
    • Hawaiian Chips
    • Hot! Jalapeño
    • Luau BBQ
    • Maui Chips
    • Original – Lightly Salted
    • Reduced Fat Lightly Salted
    • Reduced Fat Salt & Pepper
    • Sea Salt & Vinegar
    • Sour Cream & Onion
    • Tim’s Wasabi
    • Unsalted
  10. Yeah right next to “Peanut Boy” (It was there I had to)

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