Truth in Advertising?……

Bought this Mini-Me “Seedless” Watermelon at the market….. ├é┬áNotice anything funny about the labeling?…..


4 Responses to “Truth in Advertising?……”

  1. Reminds me of Doc Boric’s “Old Strip Mine” laxative. “Works almost every time.” Look for it in fine pharmacies near you.

  2. Yeah, even “seedless” watermelons have the stupid little white seeds. Watermelon… yuck.

  3. I thought the humor of it was that they labeled it as a “Seedless Watermelon”, then in bigger, bolder type, directly below the claim that it is a seedless product they state, “It may contain seeds” – Ha!….. Why didn’t they just call it an “Almost Seedless Watermelon”, or “Low Seed Content Watermelon”, or, “WARNING: May Have Under-Developed Stupid Little White Seeds Inside”…… Oh, Well, It’s Business as usual in the good ‘ol U.S. of A., and, I guess it would be a dull country without our overly imaginative Ad Agencies……

  4. Check out a jar of pitted olives or cherries they say “pitted may contain pits” just do your job remove the pits or seeds and be done with it.

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