John Lennon – Born 09OCT1940

Everyone take a few moments out of your life to remember someone who gave something to everyone (if they were intelligent enough to comprehend)…..  That’s my opinion, and, to this day, I still miss him……  Happy Birthday, John – See Ya again someday…..  How ’bout a little “Yer Blues” off the “White Album” from John…..  Give it a close listen……

5 Responses to “John Lennon – Born 09OCT1940”

  1. Should be an International holiday. John was definitely a musical visonary, and a man of peace….. Saddens me that he met such a tragic end.

  2. A very tragic and controversial demise….. I have a book that was printed in England on the Assassination of John Lennon….. It was immediately banned in the U.S….. As far as I know, it still is….. If you want a wake-up call about YOUR Government – Read it – That was 1980 and it was already that bad….. I don’t know if there is enough sand in the United States for all of us to stick our heads in, but, we are certainly trying to!….. WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY, AND GREAT MANY PEOPLE SUCH AS JOHN LENNON – NOT TO EXTERNAL HOSTILE FORCES, BUT TO OUR OWN GOVERNMENT AND THE UN-NAMED SLIME-BALLS WHO REALLY RUN OUR GOVERNMENT IN THE BACKGROUND ….. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!…….. Sorry, John, ’bout the outburst, but, I don’t think he would mind, and I think he couldn’t agree more……

  3. Just heard that Paulie got married yesterday also. should be easier to remember his anniversary, though.

  4. I just watched the clip. That is probably one of my most favorite Beatles songs

  5. Being a Blues fanatic, I always thought it was one of the best off the White Album….. Right up there with Back in the USSR and Birthday…..

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