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Judgement Day…..

Yep, it’s here, TODAY, and I’m not talking Terminator II…… According to what I heard on the news, this, should I say, Whack-o group has predicted it’s all over today – THE SKY IS FALLING! (Oh, that’s from something else)…… It’s supposed to start around 6:00 pm….. I don’t know if that’s EDT, CDT, MDT, […]

Taj Mahal

Got to see Taj Mahal at “The Jazz Alley” Friday the 19th….. I went in good company – Jek and TTop from MRC and members from MC6 – Eight of us in all, so, there was going to be fun even if Taj didn’t show up! ¬†Taj did show up, but, I guess if it […]

One More Blues…..

Really, I’m not trying to turn MRambler Central into a Blues Blog, but, I just can’t pass up passin’ this one on…. You can blame some of this on Jek, as he is the one who got me two tickets to see “Watermelon Slim” at “The “Blue Door” for my birthday…… So-o-o, I’m back into […]

Here’s How….

…You do business in the music industry….. As I said in my earlier Post on Harmonica Hinds, I had ordered a copy of his new CD: H.H. also sent me a link for a free download of “Walking Down the Street”…. I asked him if I could Post it on the blog for everyone….. He […]

MRambler/Harmonica Hinds – Bluesmen…

Yep, MR is now an acknowledged “Bluesman” by one of the best –Chicago Blues great Harmonica Hinds…. Check out the background on my earlier¬†Chicago Blues Post. I finally got around to sending him an e-mail* yesterday along with a copy of Dan’s Blues (Blues for Dan) for H.H. to check out, of course I really […]