After Midnight

Today the music world has lost a legend. JJ Cale has passed away at the age of 74 The Tulsa, OK. Native was best known for such songs as Cocaine and After Midnight both hits for Eric Clapton. Neil Young once said that he was the best singer, songwriter, guitar players after Jimi Hendrix. After midnight we gonna let it all hang out.

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  1. J.J. Cale has always been one of my favorite musicians….. His style and influence will be greatly missed….. Most people (non-musicians) probably don’t even know of him, although, they have, more than likely, heard his music performed by other major artists….. One weird note: Just last week, Rog, one of my band mates, turned me on to an obscure album that came out in 2005 called “Mad Dogs and Okies”….. It is credited to a Tulsa session drummer and includes guest artists like Eric Clapton, Wille Nelson, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Bramlett, and, of course J.J. Cale….. J.J. must have been in charge of the musical arrangements as all of the original material has that unique J.J. Cale sound….. I highly recommend the album to one and all….. Listen to it “After Midnight” or anytime at all……

  2. Anon, are you still having problems posting/commenting?….. I got a comment on this Post that seemed to have came from you, but, it was from you e-mail address and held in moderation…. I deleted it because your e-mail address was spelled wrong….. Please e-mail me and let me know if it was actually from you…… As to the question asked, which was if the above album was available in record stores, the answer is I don’t know…. Roger got it off of an internet music service that he subscribes to….. I am going to check and see if it is available from Amazon….. More info later…..

  3. I wanna copy of that. There is a video on youtube from I think mid late ’70s with JJ and Leon Russell recorded in Leon’s studio. (sorry can’t make a link on my phone) Great Performance. It’s a hoot when he describes how he built the guitar that gave him his trademark sound. See ya Tuesday 8/6

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