Happy Holidays……..

…..to Everybody in the MR Central Community and everybody everywhere!……  I can’t believe another year has gone bye-bye……  Where does the time go?……  I’ve already started on my New Year’s Resolutions……  I have to admit some of them are left over from years past…..  I hoping that I do better in the coming year and, at least, get to mark one of them off of my list!……

Anyway, Everybody have a SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS along with a HAPPY NEW YEAR…..  I know I’m going to have a GREAT Holiday Season, and, I wish you one too!…… (Fa-la-la-la-lah)…..

18 Responses to “Happy Holidays……..”

  1. Want us to help you with those resolutions?

    Merry Christmas from the greater North West…land of rain. (You wouldn’t want to come here.)

  2. It’s easy to come up with Resolutions, Anon, the hard part is getting them done!….. If you’re offering to help me carry out my list of Resolutions, hop on a bus and get to Oklahoma….. I’ve got a 10’x12’x10′ high storage area that needs to be gone through – 40 odd years of pack-ratting – lots of good stuff, but also , lots of stuff that needs to be trashed…..

    PD Bob made the same offer….. The problem with the Resolutions PDB came up with is that they all benefit HIM by getting me or some other sucker to do his work for him…… Watch out if he comes knockin’ at your door with that Holiday grin on his face….

    As far as the rain, I would change locations with you anytime….. We are finally getting a little rain and cloudy days here and I love it…… When you have 364 out of 365 days of blistering sunshine and humidity every year, you start praying for a cloud in the sky – anything (I might be stretching the truth a bit – maybe not!)…..

  3. You know that sounds like a great idea. Anon, you need to pack up and come visit us sometime. If you did I would take some time off and MR and Myself could give you the grand tour.

  4. Yeah, Anon, you need to get out of that waterlogged environment and visit us here in the land of totally unpredictable weather…. You would have to get used to FLAT – No Mountains and very, very small Hills with daily changes in the Weather, especially this time of year….. Come on Down!….

  5. You guys make it sound so inviting.

  6. That sounds inviting?…. I was trying to discourage you!….. Believe me, you really wouldn’t like it here weather-wise, but, you’re more than welcome to visit and check it out on your own (at your own risk)….. We’ll make you an honorary Okie…… Ha!…….

  7. Only if we can go Noodling.

  8. It’s currently (2021 UTC, 21 Dec) 51 degF and clear in OKC (not blistering, not scorching) and 33 degF dewpoint (not humid). It’s slightly cooler here in NE Kansas, but it’s a nice day.

  9. Anon, I will take you to a spot on the North Canadian River in Lincoln County where you can noodle to your heart’s content, just don’t ask me to participate…. Someone will need to be able to stitch you back together if you get hold of a BIG cat…..

    I have to admit, HS, that today is one of the rare days in OKC that comes between ugly weather….. Monday night into Tuesday we had a blizzard in the panhandle and lots of rain here – They’re predicting the possibility of snow within the next 24 hours – Thursday evening into Friday….. The high Friday is supposed to be around FREEZING….. To paraphrase Will Rodgers, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait around a bit, it’ll change”….. Usually the change isn’t for the better, but, you learn to live with it……

  10. #10 by huskysooner

    This article from a few years ago gives a pretty nice impression of Seattle climate:

  11. And now we’re going through a record dry spell. No snow for the skiers.

  12. #12 by huskysooner

    That’s somewhat unusual, given the La Niña (cold eastern Pacific SSTs) phase we’re in.

  13. I think I could become very accustomed to Seattle’s weather, and, hopefully sometime next year I will get moved in that direction….. I’ve seen enough sunshine to last me for 10 lifetimes!…. Clouds, Grey skies, some rain, and predictable weather would suit me just fine…..

  14. Very unusual for La Nina. Happened once before. But like the weatherman said, we are just finishing with fall and we have all of winter to get pissed on.

  15. Let it Rain!…..

  16. OK time for me to jump in here. 1st. I do not like, rain, snow, wind, ice or anything that impedes on driving, walking, etc. The people in this country have completely forgotten how to drive, put in the equation inclement weather, and forget it. I know I have became more cautious in later years but the older I get the less I like Pain associated with car crashes, not to mention that if I am involved in a wreck while in the truck it’s automatically my fault. I don’t care if the other vehicle crosses the center line, hits me head on, and is drunk. It’s the truck Drivers fault. 2nd. as I get older I cannot tolerate the cold weather as much as I used to. I can remember driving along with my dad in Wyoming in Jan. both windows down, short sleeve shirts on happy as a clam. Now I cannot get enough clothes on to get warm and still move. So there fore bring on the sun, 75 degrees and dry roads. Sorry.
    BTW Husky, Is it just my imagination or has it been windier lately than in previous years? Please explain if possible (Please try to use simple words also) Remember I’m just a dumb old Truck Driver/Drummer.

  17. No clue whether it’s been windier or not. I haven’t noticed anything special, but then I’m not out fighting the wind in a big rig.

    The 10-day outlook definitely shows a wetter pattern setting up for the Pac-NW.

    Put me in the 75 degF and sunny camp. I’m not sure people have ever been able to drive, but adding that to all our high-tech distractions (e.g., texting) has only made things worse. As far as crashing goes, you’re always going to be the big meanie truck driver, no matter who is truly at fault. There are some really great truck drivers out there (the Fed-Ex guys/gals are amazingly smooth and competent).

  18. HS, I know the perfect place (Weather Wise) for everyone….. Jamaica – I spent a couple of weeks there many years ago and it was a constant mid-70’s night and day….. This was in July, but, I think that is a fair representation of their weather year round…. Of course, you have to deal with all the tropical stuff, like hurricanes, etc….. I guess there is a downside to any place you choose to live on this planet, but, James Bond Beach was really c-o-o-l…… I don’t know if I would go back in today’s world – I think they are in political turmoil with drug lords – Shame though – It’s a beautiful island……

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