MR Coroner (Late) 12/7/11

Our office was informed of the death Of actor Harry Morgan on Dec. 7 2011
Many of you will remember Harry Morgan as the Lovable but Tough, Homespun Col. Sherman T. Potter from the TV series M*A*S*H from 1975 until it’s end in 1983. Previously he starred with Jack Webb in Dragnet as Sgt Bill Gannon from 1967 until 1970. He also costarred in over 100 films over his career spanning 1942 until 2002. He was 96

3 Responses to “MR Coroner (Late) 12/7/11”

  1. Harry Morgan was awesome.

    (Mash was incredibly overrated, however.)

  2. The early MASH’s were fairly good, but, unfortunately, after Harry Morgan joined the cast, they seemed to get really slow and political – Witch was due to the writing – not Harry Morgan’s portrayal of Colonel Potter…..

    Oh Yeah, thanks J.J. for taking up some of the slack….. I’ve been kind of lazy and under the weather the last few weeks, but the clouds (and my HeAd) are starting to clear up a bit……

  3. No problem. I was wondering if you fell in or something.:) After talking with you I now know your abscence was excused. as for others…….. As for this post, what do you 2 have against M*A*S*H? I feel it was one of the best drama/comedys that was ever produced. All the way from the movie until “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen”

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