It’s Time…..

… start that New Year’s Revolution list…..  As I said before, it will be a Revolution, not a Resolution, to my usual daily routine if I really follow through on any of the items I have in mind for the coming Year…..  I have little problem with the first part – The 1st half is thinking of the Revolutions, the 2nd half is writing them down, and here is the wall I run into – The 3rd half is actually doing them!…..  That 3rd half is a real bitch!….

Oh, Well, OUT with Old Man 2011, and IN with New Baby 2012!…..  I, at least, promise to do my best…..  Here’s one of my Revolutions:  I’ve been rather LAX on the Blog, so I hereby plan to Post More even if it’s something lame and mundane….  Simple things are sometimes most interesting if presented in the right way (what an excuse….eh?)…..

Anybody got any Revolutions they want to share with the Community?…..  We are ready to listen and cut them to pieces (did I write that out loud?)…..

3 Responses to “It’s Time…..”

  1. Happy New Year everyone. Welcome back those of you who have returned, and hope those who have drifted away stop back by soon.

  2. Ditto on the Happy New Year!….. It’s almost that time right now, so I’m finishing this comment in 2011, so I can go make a Post in 2012….. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE MR COMMUNITY!……

  3. The internal clock on this Blog must be set to Eastern Time….. I made the above Comment #2 at 11:43 pm Oklahoma (CST) Time which was in 2011… Just wanted to make that clear, otherwise, the Comment would not make much sense as the logged posting time is 12:43 am 1/1/12….. Clear now?…. Oh, Well, Happy New Year anyway!…….

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