……me if you can….. If you’re like me, and, I know that you’re probably not (Ha), you always have more personal projects than you can ever get done…… My problem is I can’t keep my big mouth shut when it comes to volunteering help to others….. They can just be talking about some little problem and/or project that they are having trouble with, and my mouth is offering suggestions, help, whatever, before my brain engages and I realize there goes another one of my personal projects directly to the back burner…..

“Just say No” is a lot easier said than done, believe me!…… I’ve thought of Duct tape, but, people might stare, and, it’s also hard to breathe with the old hooter only….. Any suggestions from the MR Community of “Dedicated Misfits”?….. I know I am asking for it – So-o-o, give it your best shot…… (I’m actually using this ruse as an excuse for not being on the Blog for the past couple of weeks – is it working?….. So-o-o, HELP me if you can, I’m feeling down (and overloaded, overworked, and under productive)……

Oh, yeah, PD Bob just loves suckering me into any of his harebrained schemes……

11 Responses to “HELP!……”

  1. Maybe you subconsciously do this to escape being cooped up with that wily rascal, PDB.
    Think of all the good karma you have built up. Maybe some instant karma is in order.

  2. Your mention of instant karma brings to mind the airport scene in “Up in Smoke” where Police Sgt. Sandanko and crew take over a group of Harri-Krishna guys to infiltrate the “battle of the bands” in order to find a shipment of pot smuggled across the border….. If you’ve seen the movie you know what happens, if you’ve not seen the movie something’s very wrong with you!….. Cheech and Chong’s 2nd greatest movie – the greatest one is “Next Movie” – a copy of it should be in everybody’s video library………

    Anyway, with that vision in my head, I’m not sure I want anything instant or karma-lized…… PD Bob watching “up in Smoke” right now, laughing and spitting popcorn all over the place….. He wants a set of robes, a tambourine, and a ride to the airport as soon as the movie’s over….. I told him I get to shave his head….. He said, “NO WAY, I have a bald skull cap in my make-up kit….. “Well”, I said, “I get to glue it on”…… I have a supply of super glue he doesn’t know about….. It goes on and on like this here at MR HQ when PDB’s in town…..

  3. Can’t help you too much, I have the same problem. I do have some thoughts though: Perhaps you’re drawn into other people’s projects because you enjoy a sense of teamwork. Or maybe it’s because you enjoy giving. The secret may be to find someone to champion your cause and then help them. 🙂

  4. I have to agree with you, jek. It seems the older you get, giving is much more enjoyable than receiving. However, a man has to learn his limitations, at some point.

  5. Speaking as one of those who has asked you to do some projects for me I must say “Just Say No”, That is of course after you finish my CD’s, Real Estate Business, and music for my Song. So in other words youre saying If this is what retirement is like, put me back to work? And as for Mr. Fuzzy Butt maybe it’s time to introduce him to Carl the asst greens keeper at Bushwood.

  6. And, just where is PDB. You know what I mean.

  7. Now, J., you know Carl (aka Robo) was given a permanent vacation a few weeks ago from the golf course, besides, PDB said he was much to fast and sneaky for Carl….. PD Bob also reminded me of your overdue MR Reference Library books….. He’s says he wants to be the “Collectora El Forca” of any fines because you called him “Fuzzy Butt”…. He say he was giving you a minute, as in very, very, small amount of slack because you did say “Mr.” Fuzzy Butt….. So I would beware if a tambourine slapping, bald Mr. Fuzzy Butt wearing robes and giving out flowers while chanting “Harri-Krishna” shows up at your door….. He made it plain to me that could be any door – your house door, the door to your truck or van, your motel room door, etc….. “If you are behind it, PDB will find it”….. He is a persistent little tub of fur and stated he would not be denied and you cannot hide……

    On the projects thing – Yeah, I might be looking for projects that actually pay money as opposed to “acts of good karma”…… Good Karma just isn’t listed very high on the stock market these days (was it ever?)…..

  8. A pretty good songwriter once wrote “And in the end…..the love you take……is equal to the love you make”. Instant Karma IS gonna getcha.

  9. When you’re right, you’re right, Sunn….. That’s been one of my all time favorite lyric lines….. I wonder if those guys ever made it big?……

  10. Yeah, they were popular for a while, as I recall. If you ask a kid nowdays, they think it was a song by a band named Wings. To me
    it seems like “Yesterday”.

  11. As for “Overdue Reference Material” I’m reading as fast as I can but work just keeps getting in the way. And as for Mister Prairie Dog Bob AKA Mr. FUZZY BUTT I’m hearing that the FBI is looking into several cases and wish to talk with his Highness I was contacted by a Special Agent W.H. Woolhat earlier today regarding his whereabouts.

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