Holidays “HA!!”

As just said in the previous post I just got home at 1300 today Labor Day.
Now I work in one of the most federally regulated industries that there is, But my industry feels that the holidays should be abolished and we drivers should live in our trucks 24/7 365. Now our company owners and adminstrative staffs would be screaming from the mountain tops and rioting in the streets if they did not get to take the holiday weekends off. But we are expected to work thru all holidays and if we say something about taking off they act as if we are taking food out of their mouths and money out of their bank accounts.

It seems to me that the only workers that get to enjoy holiday weekends are those who have a Union Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the government. The reason I stated that my industry if Fed Regulated Is that other Federally Regulated Industries Close down for the holidays.

What ever happened to the 40 hour work week, 8 to 5 Mon. Thru Fri.? I haven’t had 2 consecutive days off since Jan. 15th. And people wonder why I’m In a bad mood!

Anyway back to the holidays, I feel that the only thing that should be open on holiday weekends should be Emergency services. People should plan for the holiday and stock up accordingly.

I think a lot of it comes from what we as americans have contorted the holidays into. Memorial Day used to be about remembering those we have lost and Remembering the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. The 4th of July is to celebrate our Independance from Great Britain. and Labor day is to celebrate the working man who built this country. instead they have become just days to drink a little more than usual and cook out.

Anyway Hope all of you had a good Labor Day but while you were partying hope you all took a few minutes to remember that not all Americans got to spend the holidays with their families, weither they were working or serving in a forign land protecting your right to take a day off.

Remember we need to keep this Blog going, we all need to spread the existince of it to the world we have a great forum to talk and address our grievences as well as laugh sometimes here. So spread the word MRambler/blog to everyone you meet.

Sorry bout the spelling on some of this BTW Jek, Wheres the spell Check on this new version?

5 Responses to “Holidays “HA!!””

  1. Happy Labor Day, J…sorry, I didn’t get you a card.

  2. Regarding the spell checker: The spell checker plugin we were using is no longer supported and doesn’t work with the new version of WordPress. Are you using Firefox or Chrome? They both spell check automatically in text boxes. (See those red, underlined words? You can right-click them and choose from suggestions.) If the MRC Community barks loud enough, I’ll look for another plugin.

    BTW, I was forced to update WordPress because our old version is susceptible to a recent worm. Security is such a pain!

  3. Woof! Woof!
    Just kidding, if you don’t know how to spell a word you shouldn’t type it. My problem is severe mental lapse.
    jek, do you have a fix for this type of virus?

  4. From the worlds wors speller……….please.

  5. Thanx Jek, I didn’t know bout the right click thing. The upgrade looks like it will be a gas when Us old farts get used to it. Remember We fear Change.

    IZ: I raised you better than that.

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