New Name – Same “Old” Condition…..

I thought of this (and, believe me, sometimes thinking isn’t as easy as it used to be) when I tried to look-up the correct spelling of “Alzheimer’s” in my 1977 Webster’s pocket dickshunary (Ha!)….. It wasn’t there….. I did find “Senile”…… So, I’m thinkin’ it’s just a new name for old age forgetfulness that’s been around forever….. Ever remember sayin’ “Whoa, that old dude must be “Senile” – he can’t even remember his own name.”……

What was I talking about?….. More importantly – How did I get here?….. ….And, doubly more importantly who the hell am I?……

9 Responses to “New Name – Same “Old” Condition…..”

  1. I think in the old days, it was described as ” he has lost his mind”. I ‘m sure quite a few people have described me as such, recently.

  2. Not to be mistaken with Looby.

  3. I think I’ve eaten at Looby’s. Can’t remember (go figure) if it was any good.

  4. I knew I had heard “Looby” before!…… You’re right, Sunn, It’s a restaurant located next to Crossroads Mall (Now mostly empty), but, it’s spelled “Luby’s”, although it is pronounced the same as Anon’s infamous “Looby” reference…… Never been in it, so, I can’t comment on the cuisine (At least I don’t think I’ve been in it…. ummmm!)…..

  5. I knew that, MR. Just my half assed attempt at humor .
    BTW, happy labor day to everyone not part of the near 10% unemployment rate.

  6. Been there typical cafeteria fare. The chain gained a certain level of noterity in the early 90’s when a car ran thru the front wall of a Luby’s in Texas giving a new meaning to “Take Out”
    As for the holiday HA! There’s the 10% Unemployment and there is those of us who work in industries that think that holidays should be abolished “although the management portion of those industries would be screaming Bloody Murder if they did not get the day off” so if your lucky enough to get a holiday have a good one.

  7. As for the subject of the post, There are stages of aging.
    1st hearing loss
    2nd I think they said Memory loss, It might have been dental floss
    3rd I don’t Remember what comes 3rd
    6th what number comes after 3?

  8. Moving to Montana?

  9. You know, maybe the Grand Wazoo had a good idea after all. I think I would look good on a horse named Tiny Little, you know the whole monkee and football thing.

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