Stormy Friday (the 13th)……

Yep, a perfect way to start a Friday the 13th, we got heavy thunderstorms goin’ on right now, temperatures dropping, and even a chance of snow before the weekend is over….. Looks like we having our March weather in April…… Friday the 13th was explained in either “Angels and Demons” or “The Da Vinci Code”….. I can’t remember which, both books are by Dan Brown, and I read them fairly close together…… Something about the mass murder of the protectors of the “Holy Grail”, I think…… Of course, I don’t know how much of this was based on fact, and since we’re talkin’ centuries ago, how do they know if it was a Friday or the 13th?……

This should be my good luck day based on way things normally go the rest of the time….. At least, nothing’s happened yet, but it’s still early in the day……. Why is my computer l-o-ck-i-n-g up?…..

3 Responses to “Stormy Friday (the 13th)……”

  1. No, Mr. The Eagle flies on Friday. Saturday, I go out & play. At least I used to, not much these days.

  2. ….And then it’s “Stormy Monday” blues time ’cause you’re broke, hungover, and Sunday just wasn’t enough to fully recover…… The actual day (the 13th, 14th, whatever) was never a factor in the week-end equation…… At least, it used to happen that way…… Is that what you’re sayin’, Sunn?……

  3. Yes, MR, Stormy Monday Blues was my reference point. What I was saying, I’m old, tired, retired, retread, etc. Since I don’t get a paycheck the Eagle doesn’t fly too often, nor do I out & Play for the same reasons.

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