Saturday the 14th…..

Since I didn’t get any responses to my Friday the 13th post, I guess no one survived the 13th and I might as well close this place down…… …….NOT!….. I wonder if anything bad is supposed to happen on a Saturday the 14th?…… Hollywood made a lame-o movie by that name…..

Since I didn’t have good or bad luck yesterday, I wonder what today will bring?…… I guess being a “Bluesman”, I have no luck at all according to an old Blues classic…… Of course, the phrase, “No Luck at All”, probably means all bad luck, but, then again, if it means that you have neither good or bad luck, you’re stuck with using your own wits……. Uh-Oh, if that’s true, I’m in trouble…… Can I get a little “Amen” out there?……

10 Responses to “Saturday the 14th…..”

  1. Amen.

    We were just waiting to see what would happen to you before going out. We’re not fools ya know.

  2. Amen, Remember you lead by example.

  3. Checkin’ in from the East Coast. Our flight yesterday went without a hitch (as expected). Let us know if you need anything from Hoboken–besides an Amen!

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    Jek, isn’t that the wrong side of the river?

  5. #5 by Randalf the Grey

    MRambler Central’s resident Humanist says, “amen”

    “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”
    –Booker T. Jones & William Bell

  6. HS, yep we are on the west bank of the Hudson on the east coast of the US. Or is it the “wrong” side if we wanted to be in NY?

    We have a nice view of the Empire State Building btw.

  7. Jek, don’t bother with the Empire State Building. It’s not worth the wait. There are plenty of other things to see & do in the Big Apple that don’t try your patience.
    I’m sure you probably already know that, however.
    However, if anyone on the forum visits NYC heed my advice.

  8. It is a heck of a view isn’t it, The first time I went up there post 9-11 It was a little surreal but i’m getting used to it now. Have a great trip little buddy.

  9. #9 by huskysooner

    I’ll second or third the ESB. Maybe cliche, but very, very cool.

  10. We didn’t make it across the water this trip. Yesterday it completely down-poured all day. It was relaxing, really. I did ESB back in the early 80s, though I was very young. Good thing I got the Statue of Liberty out of the way then too; as it is still closed to visitors–possibly for good. My ESB comment referred to our view of it from the place we are staying in Hoboken. Today we are going on to Philly via train.

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