You too can upload images

Registered users can now upload images for use in posts.  You too can upload images such as this:

Germany Hat

Just follow the “use images in your post” instructions in the Help section under the calendar to your left.  As for the image in this post: those hats are all the rage on German ski slopes.

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  1. Yeah, Jek sent me one as a present, but it has white fur on the top….. I guess he’s tryin’ to make me white-haired before my time…. My hair is still brown, well, most of it anyway….. I think I’ll go to Germany and send him a “Shocking Pink” topped one and he can relive the Punk Rock days…….

    I plan to go skiing on the famous Oklahoma slopes soon…… There are two problems though: 1. No snow 2. The only slopes around OKC are land fill trash dumps, although we do have one on the South side and one on the North side…… The South side location has the taller slopes and the North one the steeper ones….. So, as soon as it snows I’ll have to visit both of them….. Anyone care to come along….. Taking reservations now……

  2. I think the hats might be more of an Austrian thing. We just watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics (on TiVo) and all of the Austrian athletes had them on. (The Germans wore some sort of fleece baseball caps.) Probably makes sense–we were skiing in Berchtesgaden which is about 25km from Salzburg.

    OOo the Oklahoma slopes. Are they bigger since I’ve left? Maybe you should test the picture posting instructions and give us a peek.

  3. Thanks, jek. This could be a really “interesting” addition to the MR blog kingdom.

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    When I was back in OKC in december, I noticed that those Oklahoma Alps really are getting huge.

    Jek, I’d sure like to hear more about your ski trip. How did it compare with skiing the Cascades
    or the Rockies ?

  5. Randalf, my answer is in a different post: Skiing in Germany.

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