An Award and observation…..

I hereby award J.J. the nickel-plated copper star award with the Presidential Seal imprint for having the most (so far) comments (24) on individual post entitled The Next Prez – a political quagmire of simplicity………

As an appropriate ending comment to that post, which will undoubtedly start a new onslaught of comments, I submit this statement by Art Spander, newspaper columnist: “The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.”……..

I provide the following as proof of this statement: The constant re-election of Ted Kennedy and those stupid New Yorkers that not only allowed two Arkansas criminals to take up residence there, but elected one of them as a Senator…… God help us…… Oh, jeez, I forgot to separate Church and state!…….

Did our forefathers actually intend for politics to be a lifetime career?…… I don’t think so, and therein, my friend, lies the biggest problem of these United States……

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  1. “two Arkansas criminals?” Where’s your proof? A special prosecutor spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Whitewater and never filed any criminal charges against Bill or Hillary. MacDougal only got jailed because she refused to testify in the sham investigation. This right-wing conspiracy stuff has been floating around for years and yet all Starr ever managed to come up with was a blow job from years later. Check out “The Hunting of The President” sometime, it’s pretty enlightening as it details what a bogus witch hunt the whole thing was.

    Maybe Massachusetts re-elects Ted Kennedy because he represents them well (votes the way his constituents want) and because he has seniority (and so many high committee posts) in the Senate?

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    I’m not normally a ditto-head, but ditto, TTop. Sorry, MR. Lying about a blow job
    isn’t in the same league with lying about reasons to send American troops into
    harm’s way. The former was a pathetic excuse for impeachment proceedings, the
    latter was the moral equivilent of treason.

  3. I’m going to stay out of this one. I still stand by my “Wizard of Oz” theory.

  4. The biggest problem? Money in politics. What ever happened to campaign finance reform? Doesn’t seem to be much talk about it these days.

  5. I hereby accept on behalf of all of you for replying to my simple question, as I forget which one of you always says “Inquiring minds want to know”
    I do hereby consider my self an independent with conservative values, I agree with anon I want to know what happened to Campaign Finance reform?. Also Term limits! It has taken a back burner to the defense of our country. I refuse to call it the war on terror Because we do not have a defined enemy state, we are battling anyone who wants to do harm to the united states. I firmly believe that Saddam Hussein would have attacked us the same way that bin laden did He also supported the terrorists and gave them aid and comfort, Anyone who gives aid and comfort to our enemy does so against the USA. and I think the communist countries/Mexico are next. But I digress, the reason that Teddy and his ilk keep getting voted in is he has the biggest political machine in Mass.and if thats all thats offered well….
    No, our founding pops did not want Mr Smith to go to Washington and grow roots and stay there long enough to pay off your house.

  6. There are 2 types pf politicians Those who are crooked and those who haven’t been caught yet.

  7. I knew it!…. I knew it!….. NEVER GET OUT OF THE BOAT! (Here, tiger,tiger) and NEVER get into a political discussion…… “I Should Have Known Better”, “Help”, and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” (If it’s the last thing we ever do (and it probably will be.))……

    The first time I saw ex-Prez Clinton on TV, I envisioned a caption running across the bottom of the screen saying, “Would you buy a used car from this man?” and/or “Would you allow your daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister, or any female, for that matter, to go out with this man?”….. I actually thought that women were the only ones mesmerized by this con-man’s line, I guess I was wrong….. This man did more to damage the very fabric of the U.S.A. than any President before or after……. VA benefits , Social Security, Medicare and foreign surveillance are just a few of the programs that suffered severely during his presidency….. Maybe I’m a little hard on Billy, since I believe it was Ms. Billy that was actually running things…… So in that respect she should not be allowed to be considered a Presidential candidate because she has already served 8 years in that capacity…. Oh yeah, When I saw Ms. ex-Prez Hillie for the first time, the caption that flashed in my mind was, “Would you go to bed with this woman without an up-to-date medical certificate?”…..

    And as for spending millions of dollars investigating Clinton, isn’t that the job of the Senate and Congress – To spend all of the taxpayers dollars (whether the Treasury has it or not) on stuff that they are not held accountable for?…… They seem to investigate everything and everyone except themselves, which brings up Anon’s comment on money, that’s one of the two reasons people want to be lifetime politicians, the other would be POWER!…… Just how much are we paying Mr. Bill a year for all the damage he accomplished – S350 to $500 thousand?….. That’s too much income to move back to that ‘ol dumpy, lowly, state of Arkansas…. So-o-o, why not move to New York where all the POWER is?…..

  8. MRambler there is just so much wrong in that last comment that I shouldn’t bother with my own detailed rebuttal, it would only start a pointless flame war. God Bless America, rest her soul.

    Are you better off today than you were five years ago? Is the country?

    And JJ, it wasn’t clear to me if that was a parody or if you’re serious. Saddam didn’t even control all of his own country, and you think he was in a position to attack us? Y’all been watching too much Fox “News”.

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    Saddam was just a gangster, a thug. Associating with jihadists would have put his criminal
    enterprises in jeopardy. He tried to horn in on the Kuwaiti gang’s cut of the oil racket
    action. He tried to rub out dubya’s daddy for crossing him, that wasn’t terrorism–that
    was an attempted gangland hit. He didn’t have WMDs because they would have been bad for
    business. In a way, his miscalculation is comical. But there’s nothing funny about Bush’s
    miscalculations or their cost in American lives and gold.

  10. “Saddam was just a gangster, a thug. Associating with jihadists would have put his criminal enterprises in jeopardy.”
    Gee, is sounding more like you’re talking about the U.S.A.
    “Like the F.B.I……..and the C.I.A……Dig it, dig it. And now we’d like to sing…Hark the Angels come” Just thought I’d throw that in……..watched the Lennon special last night.

  11. #11 by Randalf the Grey

    That’s true Sunn, but the biggest difference between Saddam’s Iraq and Bush’s America is that
    a majority of those who bothered to vote last November actually ELECTED our criminal-in-chief.

  12. TTop: Yes I listen (On Sirius) To fox news daily, In my opinion they are the only Balanced media outlet on the air waves
    I was completely serious about Saddamey, He would have eventually attacked the US exactly how Bin Laddie did, By wishing that be done and his followers caring it out. Not as a nation state but as the thug and gangster that he is (was)Randalf, Sunn I could not have put it better myself.
    He learned from the best on that level, The good ol’ USA when we were sort of allies against Iran

  13. #13 by Randalf the Grey

    Saddam MIGHT have. Usama DID. And he’s still running around scott free because of our
    misguided foreign policy.

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