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Much ado about nothing……..

Ever wonder what that means? Yeah me too. Sorry…… It’s 0700am CDT Been up since 0500am CDT Can’t sleep the Cat is running laps over the bed, 2 days left on my vacation, and I’ve got a bunch of things rattling around in my extremely large yet under populated mind, so the coffee is on […]

Book/DVD Report. The West Memphis 3

This is a subject that I have been interested in since the beginning 5 May 1993. I was actually in West Memphis, AR. and Memphis, TN exactly 7 days before the Murders and saw first hand what the atmosphere was like at that time. And Passing through many times in the ensuing years I have […]

New Weapon Laws

Lets take on the proposed New Gun Laws, particularly the “Assault Weapons Ban” and “High Capacity Magazines“. Now I am all for keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals but, that would not have stopped any of the recent shootings our country has experienced. These incidents were perpetrated by Mentally Deranged individuals who thought […]

Sitting and Waiting……

We’re under a Blizzard Warning from now until 8 am Tuesday (tomorrow) Morning, BUT, I’m not worried about the Blizzard, and, I’m not sitting and waiting for the snow and 35 to 50 mph winds that accompany a Blizzard – I’m just sitting and waiting for the ELECTRICITY to go off just when I desperately […]

An Open Letter to the Motoring Public.

This is not directed to our little community But to the rest of the world. I know everyone has seen these signs: But how many know what they mean, or what you as a driver your supposed to do? Upon entering a freeway we all encounter these signs, On the right is a Merge sign, […]

Merry Christmas!!!!….

Hopefully everybody is having a Merry Christmas…..  Mine has not been the best so far, but, I do still have the electric on, and I have presents to open (see comments on previous “Christmas Eve” post for details)…..  Right now we are getting Freezing Rain/Ice – I can’t even step out the door without the […]

Change for the sake of change….WHY?

I had to replace the light fixture on our ceiling fan last night. So we go to the local Big Home improvement store (Name Withheld) first after getting insulted by the condescending little guy with the apron. He proceeds to tell me that “I cannot buy a new fixture with a normal light bulb”. I […]

From the road 17.Sep. 2012

Hi Kids. Greetings from Ontario, CA. It was hot here today 88 Iknow that’s not bad but for here…… Took my day off today. Thanks to a Load planner that is incapable of doing his job correctly. This load originated in Laredo, TX with a second P/U in Redlands, CA then delivers in Perris, CA. […]

I Wonder?……

….How many of those millions of people on the East coast that have been without electricity for a week might now agree with my outlook that ALL electric lines should be buried?…..  Hu-m-m-m, just a thought……  I also wonder, although I know the answer, how many politicians in Washington D.C. went without power for more […]

XXX Olympics 2012

It would probably be more enjoyable if it were the Triple X Olympics instead of the 30th. But I Digress. I heard this morn on the news that a basketball player could not practice because of an injury, Come to find out, the player who plays with the San Antonio Spurs is playing for the […]

” Is there anybody…….Out There”

Ok I stole the title from Roger Waters from the Wall. That’s what I do best. Well has It finally happened, has our little community finally become a Ghost Town? Even our Illustrious Lord High Mayor Midnight Rambler Himself Has been MIA. PDB caught up with me in Texas the other day, he said “Whats […]

Book Report. Dangerously Funny. The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. I have just finished Listening to the audio version of […]

Is it Really that bad?

If we believe the media, “Gas Prices are too High, People are not traveling as much” “The Job Market is the worst it has been since the ’30s And people do not have money” Etc. Well I say that it is BS. Traveling down the highways of our nation, there is more Traffic than ever […]

Please Mr. Postman…..

Our really stupid Government (aka Big Business) is in the process of deleting the United States Postal Service…..  COME ON, the U.S.P.S. is an National Icon…..  It’s been around almost as long as our country has…..  I worked for the U.S.P.S. as a letter carrier for five years…..  I learned one thing – It’s no […]

Please take the time to take a short survey please…..

These words have taken over the land, and I am extremely tired of them. I was going through my receipts for some tax stuff and I have noticed that 90% of the credit card/Cash register receipts have over half of the receipt about taking a Survey! Aren’t we supposed to be conserving paper? How about […]