Much ado about nothing……..

Ever wonder what that means? Yeah me too. Sorry……
It’s 0700am CDT Been up since 0500am CDT Can’t sleep the Cat is running laps over the bed, 2 days left on my vacation, and I’ve got a bunch of things rattling around in my extremely large yet under populated mind, so the coffee is on and the two other of you that still actively populate our little community on a regular basis will just have to suffer along, or scroll on past.

News of the Day:
Zimmerman Trial. Unless one has been on an extended trip to Jupiter and IO U know about the Trial going on down in Florida. In a nutshell, If George Zimmerman had listened to the 911 dispatcher and not pursued Travon Martin as he had been told there would never have been a struggle to defend himself from therefore, No confrontation, No struggle, No Self Defense, No Shots, on with all of our lives. He was profiling period, Neighborhood Watch means you sit around and wait for something to happen and call the cops when it does you don’t do anything unless you SEE A Crime being committed. Granted Travon overreacted when confronted, if he would have just explained calmly to Georgey that he was just walking home from the store maybe the media would be focusing on another story. Enough blame to go around but more Zimmerman than Martin.

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Does anyone actually understand the whole thing? I mean the “Big Picture”. Does my employer have to provide me with Health Insurance? or does the crap that they now offer suffice? Can I buy my own, and from where?, and how much? What happens to me if my employer offers me a Crap plan? What does it all pay for? I honestly don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. (on the whole Good Bad scale)

Speaking of the media. (just try to keep up) What ever happened to watching the news and just getting what happened? Without the news casters telling me how I’m supposed to think about a particular story. Just like Sgt. Joe Friday never actually said but has been quoted many years now “Just The Facts”.

And now the weather:
Yes it’s hot. How was that taste of Oklahoma up there in Seattle last week?. BUT., I will take the heat over 1-3 FEET of Snow. And Ice. I don’t care if I never have a White Christmas ever again. Remember I have to DRIVE in that crap. And what about the Wind? It seems that it has been windier the last 4 years than in the past. It used to be windy in the early spring and just before Winter (I know now that is redundant) but the rest of the year it was pretty much calm. seems like now I am fighting the wind every day everywhere.

And in Sports:
Seems like we are back to the future with our athletes. Football players arrested for Murder, Basketball players that can’t shut up, and cyclists that ride without a needle stuck in their Bum. Lance Armstrong said the other day that ” You can’t win the Tour De France with out Doping” No HE can’t. Someone is going to win. Maybe they won’t set a record while doing so but win they will. And in Boston, What did they expect when they drafted a Gang Member? A Bake Sale! As for the rest of Pro sports it’s become survival of the Richest. I’m all for making a good salary but why does someone who plays with a ball on Sat/Sun make more than someone who risks their lives each day (Police, Fire, Soldiers, etc.)

For our conspiracy buffs:
I realize that our Government is INCAPABLE of telling us the TRUTH but, not everything is a conspiracy. I have a new saying, “Sometimes A Duck is Just A Duck.” But on the other web foot, this Snowdon Kid, If anyone thinks that what he has spilled is something new, Wake up and smell the Maple Nut Crunch! (Denis Leary) We have been spying on ourselves since Pretty Little J. Edgar went to Roosevelt and asked permission to tap the phone of everyone that She thought was a Communist. (which was the entire population except Him and Clyde) So get over it. They are listening, It’s not a conspiracy it’s fact. So do like George Carlin used to say, “Instead of saying Bye before you hang up sign off with F**k Hoover Or whoever might be listening.

Where is Jimmy Hofffa:

This Message was brought to you by “The Coalition to Ban Coalitions“. (Hank Williams Jr.) Check it out at your local for Profit Music sharing/Download site. Who’s profits go to making sure Music Executives have enough money to afford their Bling and Coke while the Artists Starve.

Well enough of my ramblings. What’s on your minds? The great thing about Blogs is that we can waste everyone’s time yet still be substantial. (Lewis Black)
Remember in the whole big picture It’s almost over. Just dig out Deteriorata By National Lampoon. Keep Hanging by your Thumbs.

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  1. Seattle
    Morning clouds. Afternoon sun. 75 degrees.
    Cant take that Oklahoma heat. And the wind will drive you crazy.

    My guess Jimmy either sleeps with the fish or the moles.

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