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This is a subject that I have been interested in since the beginning 5 May 1993. I was actually in West Memphis, AR. and Memphis, TN exactly 7 days before the Murders and saw first hand what the atmosphere was like at that time. And Passing through many times in the ensuing years I have watched West Memphis grow from a Backwards, Dirty, lower middle class God fearing community into a cleaned up haven for panhandlers, prostitutes, Drug Dealers, and a place where I have to turn off my CB Radio when passing through because of all the racial fighting on it. With some of the worst roads in a state that once was known for it’s Bad Roads. But I Digress.

On 19 Aug 2011 Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. entered what was called an “Alford Plea” where while maintaining their innocence they plead Guilty to the murders of Three eight-year-old boys—Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. Their sentences were changed to “Time served” and were released from the hell that is the Arkansas penal system and basically put on probation for 10 years.

These boys 18,17, and 16 years old at that time were convicted in 1994 and received Life sentences and Damien Received Death. Mainly because of a 1. Coerced Confession of a scared 17 yr. old Misskelly Jr. who had an IQ of 72 and functioned on a barely 5th grade level, and 2. the fact that they listened to Heavy Metal Music and dressed in black.

Now the report.
I have finished reading the Book “Devils Knot” by Mara Leveritt, a reporter in Arkansas and the only reporter in that state that thought something was “Fishy” about the whole case. I urge all of you to Pick up this book and read it cover to cover. then go to Amazon and order the DVD “Paradise Lost” Trilogy. If anyone thinks that our criminal justice system in this country is fine, these will make you sit back and say “how could that happen in our country”. From Incompetent Police work, Jury Misconduct, False Witnesses, and politicians and Judges who are only worried about the next election. That’s How. It also makes me wonder how many more persons are in the same situation in our prisons.

But read, watch, and then form your own conclusions. Justice was not served in this case and the Victims families deserve to know the truth, and those 3 boys (Now Young Men) deserve to be Exonerated and have all their Rights restored.

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  1. Unfortunately, Mr. J., it sounds about par for the course for our Government these days….. I’ll pick up the book/DVD as soon as I have the extra cash and check it out….

    There’s been some problems with the Blog lately, but, there is a new update available, and, I think as soon as I install it, everything should get back to normal….

    Anon, I am running a few tests on your user account…. Hopefully I can get it working right again… I will be in touch as soon as I do…..

  2. PBS also did a story.

    After doing jury duty I got a look at how justice works in our courts. Everyone should serve at least once just to see how arbitrary it all can be.

  3. Yeah, I had to be a witness in an injury lawsuit that was filed against the company I was working for a long time ago….. As it turned out, my testimony proved that our company was not at fault and the judge ruled in our favor, saving the company a $250,000 insurance liability claim….. It was just like on TV – Being under oath and all – Sometimes it’s hard to “Tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth”….. It was an educational experience and, as you said, along with jury duty, something everyone should be exposed to at least once, just to see how weird it all is…..

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