DID YOU KNOW……I didn't think so…….PLAGIARIST

“Plagiarist” means strictly one who kidnaps a slave. Martial applies the word to the kidnappers of other men’s brains. Literary

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theft unacknowledged is called “plagiarism”.

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  1. “kidnappers of other menís brains” Would that be referring to cult leaders? , since they “Brainwash” their members trying to take away their ability of self thought. in other words kidnapping their brains. And some of them “Plagiarise” the words of the religious texts and try to convince others that they are theirs.

  2. Changing thought I think is different than stealing thought. Stealing religious text is plagiarism.

    The definition of “plagiarist” comes from THE BIG BOOK which was written in the 1800s ……compiled in the 1800s. Looks like a stealer of slaves morphed into a stealer of ideas.

  3. This is strange…. Early Saturday J.J. and I were discussing musical plagiarism….. Mainly about how hard it is to really come up with something totally original these days without incorporating material that has already been done…..

  4. There is a famous (?) court case in the art world where an art prof sued his student for stealing his painting style. He lost the case. His own style was “derivative” and so was the student’s. What isn’t . If you are going to “derive” do it from the best.

  5. What determines “The Best”?….. The most popular?…. Best selling?…. Critic’s choice?….. I guess what I’m saying is if you “derive” from lesser known works (those that didn’t get “the big break”), you probably won’t get called for it…… Then again, you may not even know that you’ve duplicated something that is already out there….. The subconscious mind has a way of affecting inspiration…..

  6. Which “best’ category are you shooting for? Money, popular, style? I always thought the arts should be like the sciences, experiment and see what you get. That approach has a way of making for failures but, ( add your own aphorism here).

    One thing about the arts, you can let those unknown parts of the brain go running and you wont blow anything up.

    An old Italian expression goes something like “Taste is taste” but, maybe they we thinking of pasta.

  7. Sort of, “I may not know art, but, I know what I like” kinda thing?….. There’s no accounting for taste, even if you’re talkin’ pasta…..

  8. Yup. Of course my taste is impeccable.

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