MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – S and S

Here’s the first quiz of the New Year….. One for One on the points (unless noted)…..

1. How did 7UP get it’s name?
2. Why do people cross their fingers for good luck?
3. What was the original Catch-22?
4. Who was the first woman to be commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp.
5. Chicago is known as “The Windy City”, but, it’s actually ranks 16th. Name any of the top five windiest cities in the U.S. One point each.

That’s it…… Short and sweetif you know the answers…..

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    3. Joseph Heller novel

  2. 1. 7 ingredients?

  3. HS, on No. 3, you are correct that it is a Joseph Heller novel written in 1961, but, I am looking for the details of what the catch actually was…. I am going to give you One (1) point for JH, and, will give anyone another point, What the hell – one and one-half points, for details….

    Zook, on No. 1, sorry, the 7 in 7UP is not for seven ingredients…. In 1929, when the drink was first introduced by St. Louis businessman Charles L. Grigg, it was called, “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”….. The name was derived from one of its original ingredients, lithium salts….. I can see why the name was changed…..

    All points are still up for grabs……

  4. 5. Dodge City, Kansas is one of them.

  5. Hmm, Catch-22. Let’s see (it’s been high school since I read that)… something about the guy was trying to claim insanity to get out of the military, but ummm, there was something about it that would keep him in the military if he made the claim. I hope I’m remembering that half-right.

  6. First woman on a stamp… Clara Barton?

  7. TTop and MR, If you claimed insanity to get out of the army it proved you weren’t insane…….?

  8. I know why you cross your legs after bad luck.

  9. 5. Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, , Anadarko, Hobart, Enid, Watonga, Durican, Ardmore, Henryetta, Antlers, Madill, Altus, Magnum, Arbuckle, Elmore City. That’s sixteen. Give me my points. you know I’m right.

  10. #10 by huskysooner

    5. Amarillo or Lubbock just has to be on the list. And everytime I drive through Weatherford, it’s always blowing 35+ mph, but I’m sure it’s not on the list.

  11. 5. I forgot Wooly Bucket Oklahoma. That makes seventeen. (from “That Old Ace In The Hole”)

  12. #5 – Izard, Dodge City is not one, but, there is one in Kansas…… I see Anon dug out an Oklahoma map, and, he does get One (1) Point for Oklahoma City, which is the second windiest city in the U.S. with an average wind speed of 13 mph, and, also the only one in Oklahoma in the top five….. I’m debating whether to negatize Anon for his “mass guess”….. Ah-h, it’s the first quiz of the year, I’ll let it slide THIS TIME, Anon….. Sorry, HS, none of the top five are in Texas….. That leaves Four (4) more on #5……

    #3 – TTop, I’m going to give you the Point and a Half (1 1/2) as you have the jest of it…. It goes like this – It is the catch that prevents a U.S. Air Force pilot from asking to be grounded on the the basis of insanity. A man “would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn’t, but if he was sane, he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn’t have to; but if he didn’t, he was sane and had to.” That takes care of #3…….

    #2 – Anon, please tell me why you would cross your legs after bad luck?…. Are there different reasons for males and females?…..

    #4 – Sorry, TTop, not Clara Barton….. Think way, way back…..

    #1 – Zook, after thinking about it, I’m going to give you a Half Point (1/2) on the ingredient thing because 7UP’s original name was based on an ingredient, but, the original One (1) Point is still there for the 7UP answer……

    Hints (if needed) – Sunday 13JAN08 – 1900 CST – 1700 PST

  13. MR, That would be pain.

  14. Are mass guesses against the rules? Is there a limit to the number of times we can guess? Do we have to guess one at a time? Wouldn’t that use up more space in an already crowded environment? Where can I get a copy of The Handbook of Quiz Rules?

  15. I know of no rules for or against mass guessing…… A totally different concept would be to know the correct answer, thereby eliminating any guessing, but, that would require research and other boring stuff, and, some, if not all, of my quiz questions are off-the-wall hard to find answers to, so why not WAG (Wild Ass Guess) them?…… I agree with you, Anon, groups of guesses are easier to keep up with over one at a time guesses…… That way I can give a bulk “No” much easier – Ha!….

  16. Wichita or Kansas City, KS then. And how about New York City. Bunch of blah blah blah there…gotta be windy.

  17. #5 – Izard picks up One (1) Point with Wichita, KS – Average wind speed of 12.7 mph, which puts it in 5th place….. not enough in New York City caused by Mother Nature to put it in the top five…..

  18. #18 by huskysooner

    Let me know what the competition is over: I may have to challenge the wind speed results. Now where did I put my gauntlet….

  19. Hint-time…… A little early, but, I got a movie to watch, AND, THE ANSWERS MUST BE POSTED AFTER 7:05 pm CST TO COUNT……
    #1 – Amount and a reaction…..
    #2 – The name is the hint….
    #4 – A “First Lady”…..
    #5 – 1. In Montana, 13.1 aws – 3. In Massachusetts, 12.9 aws – 4. In Wyoming, 12.7 aws Note to HS – These are from 1990 and it looks as if they used the one windiest city of each state, and, I’m sure there were lots of ties in each state, so, I’m going to go with the ones I have, although, I would be interested in hearing what you find…… Might be a point or two in it for the extra effort – Might….

  20. 2. Crossed fingers make the sign of the cross…for good luck?
    4. I’ll go with the FIRST first lady…Washington.

  21. Izard picks-up Two (2) Points – One (1) for #2 on crossed fingers – “The practice may have evolved from the sign of the cross, which was believed to ward off evil”, and I’m going to give him One (1) for #4, although he didn’t give her first name (um-m-m, I wonder if he knows it?)…. “In 1901, Martha Washington was commemorated on the 8-cent stamp. In 1918, she was pictured on the 2-cent prepaid post-card; in 1920, on the 4-cent stamp; and in 1938 on the 1 1/2-cent stamp”….. Seems like her value went up and down and then bottomed-out at a penny and a half…..

    That leaves question #1 and three cities in question #5…..

  22. 1. from your clue I would give a WAG of 7 ozs that gets you UP.

  23. #5 I’m going to guess that number 3 in Massachusetts is Boston.

  24. Anon gets a Half Point (1/2) on #1 – The 7 stands for the soft drink’s original 7-ounce bottle…. Good, but, wrong guess on the UP part….

    Izard gets One (1) point on #5-3 – Boston, Mass at 12.9 aws….. No one wants to take a WAG at the Montana or Wyoming cities?…..

    Almost done….. One more day and we’ll tie-up the loose ends and close out the first quiz of 2008……

  25. #25 by huskysooner

    From NCDC/NOAA

    This summary uses surface station data through 2002. I reordered and included only those from CONUS:
    Mount Washington, NH (not really a town, eh?)
    Blue Hill, MA
    Dodge City, KS
    Amarillo, TX
    Rochester, MN
    Cheyenne, WY
    Casper, WY
    Goodland, KS
    Great Falls, MT
    Boston, MA
    Lubbock, TX
    Clayton, NM
    New York (LGA), NY
    Fargo, ND
    Oklahoma City, OK
    But maybe you want to put a population threshold on what is considered a “city.”

  26. HuskySooner picks-up the two remaining cities from my source of windiest cities which listed Great Falls, MT as #1 at 13.1 aws, and Cheyenne, WY as #4 at 12.8 aws, and, I’ll throw in an extra point for the link and extra effort making it a total of Three (3) more Points for HS…….

    All we need now is the UP in 7UP……

  27. UP……Unidentified Properties

  28. Might as easily stand for Under Paid, Anon….. Okay, I’ll give it away – “Something” moves up when you open the bottle…..

  29. OK, I get it…..Bubbles La Vern. But, I cheated and looked at Wikipedia. Seems there are several explanations for the name and the UP part could be for “lithium citrate” which, if you look at the bottle, is an unidentified property and from the sounds of it might also get you UP (or put you down).

  30. My source states,”the UP for the bubbles from its carbonation”….. Even though you “fudged” some with Wikipedia, Anon, you did a lot of research, so, I’m going to give you the Half Point (1/2) Point for being so “UP” on the quiz…..

    That’s it – The scores look like this:
    Izard – Four (4) Points
    HuskySooner – Four (4) Points
    Anon – Two (2) Points
    TTop – One & a Half (1 1/2) Points
    Zook – One Half (1/2) Point

    HS, the windiest city top five was as follows:
    1. Great Falls, Montana – 13.1
    2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 13
    3. Boston, Massachusetts – 12.9
    4. Cheyenne, Wyoming – 12.8
    5. Wichita, Kansas – 12.7

    Your list had all of them except Wichita……

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