MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – P & C….

Just for a twist, Let’s do Presidents and Criminals….. Not to say they are in any way connected….. Points are one for one, unless noted….. Time to go to the polls or cells, whichever is appropriate…… Oh, yeah, NO SEARCH ENGINES – Try to use brains, bloomin’ books, and WAG’s…..

1. How many articles of impeachment did the House Judiciary Committee recommend before President Nixon resigned? (I know this is a “numbers” question, but, I couldn’t pass it up)
2. What is a “Chicago overcoat”?
3. Which U.S state capitols are named after Presidents? (One (1) Point each)
4. What is MI5? MI6? (One (1) Point each)
5. What was Gerald R. Ford’s real name?
6. What is “Chicago amnesia”?
7. Which U.S. Presidents were bachelors? (One (1) Point each)
8. What’s the origin of the word “hijack”?
9. Who was the first President born in a log cabin?
10. What were the real names of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? (One (1) Point each)

Let the ballots be cast and the crimes commited……

22 Responses to “MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – P & C….”

  1. 4. British Intelligence.

    8. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary…”origin unknown”………….but, I don’t suppose you will let it rest there.

  2. 4. Nasty guns?

  3. 1) 3 (random guess, but what the hell)
    3) Madison and Lincoln — I can’t think of any others…
    4) British internal/external intelligence, a la FBI/CIA?

  4. 3) Jackson, Mississippi!

  5. Guessing does work – Zook gets One (1) Point for #1 – There were three before his resignation on August 8, 1974. Twenty-Eight minutes after Nixon delivered his letter of resignation, Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as the new President.

    Zook also picks up Three (3) Points for #3, although he didn’t give the states for two of them – Madison, Wisconsin – Lincoln, Nebraska – Jackson, Mississippi. There is at least one more (hint)….

    On #4, I’m going to give Anon One (1) Point for his very general answer and Zook Two (2) Points for pinning it down a lot closer – MI5 is Britain’s counterintelligence service, which operates mainly at home. MI6 is Britain’s Secret Service, which operates mainly overseas. The official titles are DI5 and DI6, but the “M” titles – for Military Intelligence, Departments 5 and 6 – are what everyone uses.

    …And, No, Anon, I can’t let #8 rest at “origin unknown”…..

  6. 8: “Hi, Jack. Can you take me to Cuba?” It was eventually just shortened to hijack and the question removed as it was purely rhetorical.

    9: Lincoln? The did, after all, make a log named after him…whole boxes of them.

    10: Paul Newman and Robert Redford

  7. I knew it! Good things always come in threes.

  8. 2. You mean “cement” as in “cement overshoes”?

  9. 6. A tap on the head with a blackjack. What’s with this Chicago history?

  10. #10 Robert LeRoy Parker “Butch” Harry Alonzo Longabaugh “Sundance”

  11. #5 I think you allready had this question before. But Leslie Lynch King Jr.

  12. Izard, you’re on the right track on #8, but, it wasn’t a greeting – it had to do with altitude (hint). On #9, Yes, Lincoln was famous for being born in a log cabin and having logs named after him, but, he was not the first President born in one – The one I’m talking about has his picture on a U.S. bill also (hint), and, I wasn’t talking about the movie stars in #10, smart boy…..

    Anon, apparently Chicago was crime central in the ’30’s, unfortunately, your answers for #2 and #6 are incorrect, although, your answer for #2 would have the end result which is the correct answer (hint), and, #6 the same result might occur, but my answer is a lot less violent (hint)….

    J.J. picks up Two (2) Points for #10 – Cassidy, the leader of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, was born Robert Leroy Parker in Circleville, Utah, on April 1, 1866. He was one of 10 children. The Sundance Kid was born Harry Longbaugh in 1870 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. J.J. also picks up One (1) Point for #5 – Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., in 1913. His parents divorced when he was an infant; his mother then married Gerald R. Ford, Sr., who adopted the future president and gave him his name…..

  13. 6. a “Micky”…..Micky Finn

  14. 2. A cement coffin and a deep six.

  15. You finally got #2 and therefore One (1) Point, Anon – A 1920’s underworld term for a coffin. On #6, I’m not looking for ways to do it, but a definition of it…..

  16. 6. MORTE! DEAD!

  17. On #6, Anon, I guess you would have amnesia if you were dead! You’ve tried so hard on this one I think I’m going to give you the One (1) Point for it. Here is the correct answer: The phrase, coined by 1920’s gang leader Dion O’Banion, referred to the convenient forgetfulness of eyewitnesses testifying about gang lawbreakers. The phrase implied that gang members had persuaded the witnesses to forget whatever they had seen.


    #3 – Only one left and the state starts with an “M”…..
    #7 – There was only one and his last name starts with a “B”…..
    #8 – What you would say if you had a gun and were robbing a person….
    #9 – As previously stated, his picture is on a U.S. Bill, which is larger than $10…..

  18. 7. Buchanan.

    8. This is a “hold up”…..”Put them up”……”hold them up”

    9. Jackson

    Thanks for the hints. I needed that.

  19. Let’s close this Quiz out…..

    #3 – The remaining State Capitol named after a president is Jefferson City, Missouri….
    #7 – Anon gets One (1) Point for James Buchanan (1857-1861) who was the only lifelong bachelor. He had been engaged in 1819 to Ann Caroline Coleman, but she died of an overdose of laudanum before the two were married…. Drug abuse in the 1800’s!…. Anyone know exactly what laudanum is?……
    #8 – I’m going to give One (1) Point to Izard because he was close. He just used the wrong form of the word “High”. The correct answer is during prohibition, the taking of trucks full of illegal liquor became commonplace. When it happened, a gunman would say, “High, Jack,” to indicate how the driver should raise his hands. I’m also giving a Half (1/2) Point to Anon, who was sorta close…..
    #9 – Anon gets the last One (1) Point for Andrew Jackson – He was born on March 15, 1767, in a log cabin in Waxhaw, South Carolina. He was also the first president born in South Carolina and the first born west of the Allegheny Mountains.

    That’s it for this one….. Points update soon…..

  20. Laudanum = opium. Ever see Tombstone? That’s what Wyatt’s woman was always slipping a sip of.

  21. I guess drugs have been around as long as man….. We just have more laws controlling them now…..

  22. I’m giving Izard One (1) Point for defining Laudanum as a bonus….. The results of this Quiz are as follows :

    Zook – 6 points
    Anon – 4 1/2 points
    J.J. – 3 points
    Izard – 2 points

    Total Points recap and Quiz notice tomorrow……

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