I Am……

…….a digital dummy….. The quality and quantity of all the new entertainment hardware and software out there now is amazing….. Until I got my new HD system, I really hadn’t paid much attention to the advances over the last few years…… I stopped cable service years ago after it became more than I wanted to pay….. I figured I could spend less money buying DVD titles that I would watch more than once and then watch them whenever I wanted…… My TV watching became limited to a little news and weather in the mornings….. With a small antenna, reception was snowy and ghostly at best…… After I got my HDTV up and running, I thought I might as well see what snowy/ghostly looked like on big screen….. Imagine my surprise when I found super clear HD channels off my air antenna!….. I even have a 24/7 weather channel….. PBS has four (4) digital channels, the main one is broadcast in wide screen and comes in as clear and crisp as watching a DVD!….. AND, IT’S FREE!…… It’s great……. I am now in the process of becoming an educated digital dummy……

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  1. I had the same surprise. Cox doesn’t offer many HD channels (probably going to switch to dish…but that’s another topic) and we were all into watching football last year in HD. Fox is one of the channels Cox doesn’t offer. So I went out and got an antenna (just a normal one…not one of those over priced ‘HD’ antennas that do nothing special). I had no idea there were so many over the air channels now. I missed most of the game I originally wanted to watch just checking it all out.

  2. Dear Digital Dummy,

    You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that broadcast HD is better quality than DVD. Next stop: TiVo HD to record it all.

    -Digital Smarty

  3. TiVo costs Buck-o’s, but, I must admit I liked the sound effects when you access the program options…..

  4. After the TiVo you need to get a “Slingbox”

  5. Remember when Quad sound was the be all, end all? Man, we’re getting to be old farts.

  6. I still have a few “Quadraphonic” LP’s and a HeathKit decoder…… Need a drive belt for my record player though…….

  7. The TiVo HD only runs for around $300. The subscription for it is probably the standard $13/month though.

    Slingbox? Doesn’t that only provide you real-time TV? For the last week, I’ve been staying in hotels and have been forced to watch things as they broadcasted. It was painful!

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