We’ve got “New Blood”…..

…… in the MR Community…… An old friend who goes by “Izard”….. We welcome him and try to be nice, at least at first!……

Again, we welcome you, Izard, and look for your first post and any comments you have to contribute to our little piece of the universe…… If you have any questions don’t hesitate NOT to ask (Ha-He)…… No, really, we are more than ready to cuss and discuss anything you have to say…….

7 Responses to “We’ve got “New Blood”…..”

  1. Greetings… I find humor in the fact that I ‘found’ you guys after pulling JJ over. Ok, so it was a click-it-or-ticket stop point and everyone was getting stopped. But I’m sure he had it coming.

    And to JJ…I was going to stop by Sunday after work but, as usually happens, the day was slow until an hour before it was time to go. Then I got tied up on something that took 3 hours. In this case I found myself trecking through endless acres of Spencer’s finest looking for someone that didn’t want to be looked for. On the bright side, I was able to accommodate a family of ticks on their Memorial Day getaway. I hope my toilet was the vacation destination they were hoping for. The other amenities aren’t that great but I hear the pool is awesome.

  2. I’m Not even going to ask where “Izzard” Comes from. Maybe I’ll post a contest who can remember your real John E. Seltzer name. You know it fits now. Welcome son. As for he had it coming, I’m not gonna tell you where we actually buckled up! I’ts a good thing you were up on that hill….

  3. I’m not even sure *I* remember that name. So a contest may be in order. I took up Izard (as in Izard of Woz) long before I had heard of Eddy. Although I am a big fan now. Jek should remember where Izard of Woz came from.

    *laugh* Son. I love telling that story. One of the guys asked me who you were when you drove off and I said, “That was my dad.” Oh, and if you have a minute, I could use tomorrow off work. Thanks.

  4. I’ll let you have that one for free. It even fits your new profession now. “Crime Bustin’ rustin crustin ******” ( Name withheld). Some day we will have to have MR dig out that video. Although the classic was Me and you battling it out on the trash pit in the Beowulf Project( For you Classics Buffs I was Gandalf’s Mother….) No comments from the peanut gallery, Just think Graham Chapman’s Old woman character from Monty Python. Nuff said. As for the “son” Refrence, Whenever Izzard used to want a day off school I was his father( On the Phone).

  5. Welcome Izard! It’s been a long time. I actually don’t quite remember the original Iz of Woz reference; was it from that climb the mountain BBS game?

    Wasn’t LSDRobo your dad too?

    And J.J., you were Beowulf’s Mother, not Gandalf’s. Goodness.

  6. As far as I remember I was the only dad for that purpose, I really do not know where Gandalf came from in my last comment. It’s hell getting old.Of all the things Iv’e lost I miss my mind the most.

  7. I was GRENDEL’S Mother you nit wit. Beowulf was the name of the Epic (Sort of)

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