ROUND II: E-QUIZ 3………Nicknames

Every state has had it’s

sobriquet. The people of Arkansas are called……..?

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  1. Living next door to them, that’s easy (maybe)…… It could be a trick question, but I’ve always called them “Razorbacks”….. Also known as “Clinton’s Cronies”….

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    Aren’t sobriquets those things that Arkies put in their charcoal grills ?

  3. Yeah, and they make them out of barbecued razorbacks….. It called Ozark recycling……

  4. MR, I’ve heard “Razorbacks” also….but, is that the football team. The nickname I’m looking for is different….maybe older. (Hey, no minus points)

    I had to look up “sobriquets” myself. There it was in the dictionary. Not even a French dictionary. Our word for the week. See if you can work it in to a conversation.

  5. Let’s see, “Nero fiddled while his Sobriquets burned”?….. (I didn’t look the word up, but that just sounded “Kool”)…..

    Now to get some minus points…… How about “Backwards”? Not trying to be derogatory, as I have some very dear friends that live in Arkansas – It was just there and I had to use it…..

  6. Nope, not “Backwards”. I’ll let your friends give you the minus points up side the head.

  7. Could it have anything to do with “Diamonds”?….. I know there were diamond mines in Arkansas way back when….. …..and one boot to the head was sufficient….. O-w-w-w-w……

  8. No, not diamonds. It may have something to do with lumber and the logging industry. I’m just guessing.

    The BIG BOOK is not always PC. I hope the nickname is not insulting. Then I looked up Missouri……..nickname for people from Missouri….”pukes”.

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    Huh. I would have thought that “pukes” would be Texans.

  10. What about “Loggerheads”….. Seems like an appropriate neighbor to Missouri “Pukes”…..

  11. Nope, not Loggerheads. Think wood.

  12. #12 by Randalf the Grey

    Arkansawyers ?

  13. Is that “Buzz” sawyers?….. ….And, since when is a log not made out of wood?…… How about wood ticks then?…..

  14. Not Arkansawyers.
    Not Buzz Sawyers.
    Not Wood Ticks.

    I don’t think it would be fare to award minus points for this quiz but you do deserve something.

    I said this may have something to do with logging….may.

    Think little pieces of wood. I’ll get more specific with clues as the week progresses.

  15. #15 by Randalf the Grey

    There is a knife, similar to a Bowie knife, called an Arkansas Toothpick, but I don’t think Arkies have ever been called toothpickers. This is a tough (and obscure) one, anon.

  16. You got it. Arkansas Toothpicks. So, it was the knife and not logging. I know that after all the forests were logged off down there people moved up here to log the North West. They settled along our rivers and built stills. I’ve heard some fine Blue Grass out in the county and there are places up in the hills you best not go.

    Five points for RTG. Did I give too many clues?

    Still looking for a box. Think I’ll have to make one.

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