3 Night – Two Day B-Bash (Intro)

…….This doesn’t include pre-bash activities which included proper attire shopping, dining at Bourbon Street Cafe, and hitting the highlights of OKC (about 5 minutes on that one)…… Nor does the 3N-2D include all the journey’s home in four directions out of Austin on Monday….. The first night was the party mentioned by J.J. put on by longtime friends from back in the “We’re the Band” days….. A night of wide screen football, baseball, Pink Floyd videos, Beatles marathon, and generally sitting around in an outdoor hot tub badmouthing Washington (the Gov’mint not the football team), and anything else that came to mind….. Along with all kinds of snacks, drinks, and a large hand-made B-Cake for you-know-who (see below), I have to say, all-in-all, a very full and enjoyable experience that lasted ’til around 1:30 in the a.m…….. This was the start of the whirlwind, as we were up and on the road out of Oklahoma by 9:50 a.m. the next morning heading to Austin by way of Fort Worth using an alternate route because of the OU-Texas traffic we anticipated to be clogging I-35…… I’ll pick-up at this point on the next post, as I’m still trying to recover enough to make it to work tomorrow and the V.A. for a scheduled MRI….. Questions and comments are now welcomed from the Peanut Gallery, just don’t get ahead of the story as there is lots more to come……MR B-Cake This is called ” Finger-Lickin’ Pickin’ ” with Blues Brothers accompaniment…….

4 Responses to “3 Night – Two Day B-Bash (Intro)”

  1. Yo. Happy times. You should add a picture of the cake to this post. Munch, munch!

  2. You must be a mind reader, Jek-o….. I was going to do that last night, but Microsoft update had my computer tied-up for hours….. Yeah, I’m still on dial-up….. I will do it tonight…. Munch, Munch!….

  3. Woh! Is that a 5 string guitar? You are too cool. Oh yeah… and we ate that thing after you plucked it? Holy smokes, how much was I drinking!?

  4. It actually had a 6th string, but, um-m-m, it broke under the strain of a Hendrix bend and there was nothing left to do but consume it….. It was ” Finger-Lickin’ ” good and was tuned to a perfect Eb…… By the way, there were mountains of chocolate and cherries under that frosting….. Parts of the cake made it to Austin and were consumed in a musical frenzy after a gig by “The Resentments”…..

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