On Again….. (Off Again?)…..

I hope not!…… Well, the surgery has been rescheduled for this Friday the 31st……. I won’t know the exact time until the day before…… Surely, this thing will come down this time and I can put it behind me….. So-o-o, I leave the Blog in Community hands…… Use and Abuse to your heart’s desire……. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish……. Results will be posted – Bets are in favor of MR this time, although, The Oklahoma V.A. is still a strong contender…….

3 Responses to “On Again….. (Off Again?)…..”

  1. Ok Let’s try this again, I will try to be here for this one. No Promises though.
    I am off tonight back to the sweet home of our favorite BLUES band,hope to make a quick
    u-turn. Hang in there MR.

  2. That would be this Friday. Betting on you. I’ll give Jek a call see what’s what.

  3. At least, it’s not Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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