Best Live Performances you missed….

As an opposite to Randalf’s BEST LIVE PERFORMANCES, I thought it might be interesting to fess-up to some of those performances you could have went to but didn’t for some reason or other and now after all these days/years regret your decision…… There are two concerts I didn’t go to that quickly come to mind…. The first was The Beatles in Dallas in 1965…. I was a big Dave Clark Five fan (Yeah, yeah, I don’t wanna hear it) at that time and saw them at the Civic Center in OKC instead…. I did get to see Paulie in Dallas in 1990, it was great and he did a lot of Beatle stuff, but alas, it wasn’t The Beatles (I might know of a tape of that concert… sh-h-h-h…) The other biggie I missed was Jimi Hendrix…. He played at OU on May 8, 1970….. Just a few months before his death…. I really regret not catching that one….. I didn’t hear about it until it had already come and gone….. Damn, where’s that time machine?…… Jimi, meet you in the next world and I won’t be late…….

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  1. I also, sadly, missed Hendrix at OU, as well as Janis Joplin about the same time.
    Always wished I had seen those 2 in particular. A friend of mine bought tickets for Led Zeppelin and I mistakenly thought one of them was for me. Turned out not to be the case (He’s since been forgiven). Never saw the Beatles,either. Closest I came was George Harrison in Tulsa, on his first solo tour in 1974.

  2. I missed Sir James Paul Last year at the Corporate excuse for an arena in OKC, I always said that if Paul played OKC I would be one of the 1st in line but alas we had a gig that nite, I also did not have the green to spend on tics.
    I also regret missing the afore mentioned Paulie in Dallas, The same for me as sunn, I thought that 1 of the 4 purchased tickets were for me but alas it was not to be. I also regret not being able(or old enough) to see any stop on the Wings over America tour. But to make up for it I saw Pink Floyd The Wall Los Angeles show in ’80.

  3. Randy Newman one year.

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    I also could kick myself in the ‘nads for missing Jimi in Norman. My band, Phoenix, was
    under contract to perform in Liberal, KS. that evening, but if I had it to do all over
    again… Another regretful aspect of this sad turn of events is that I had to threaten
    our guitarist with bodily harm if HE skipped our gig to see Jimi. Patrick, I know you’ve
    been moulderin’ in the grave from that heroin overdose for a long time now, but I’m truly

    I also regret not traveling wherever I had to go to see the Beatles.

    Let their seargents mirror spin
    If we lose, the barbers win…

    Happy family one hand clap
    Four went on but none came back
    –Pizza Infield

  5. Michael Hedges

  6. I want to apologize to Anonymous….. I didn’t recognize Michael Hedges (and I’m supposed to be a musician?), so I deleted this comment the first time it was made thinking it was one of those casino comment thingys that we were having a lot of problems with a few weeks ago, which is why we went to moderating all comments made by anyone who was not a registered user and logged on….. I guess I thought it was weird just being a name only without any details…… Sorry ’bout that…..

    Anonymous, why don’t you register?….. It’s a safe site as far as your personal info…. We welcome one and all with just a few common sense guidelines, and it would also allow you to Post items,and let us comment on them…. Of course, you would not be required to make posts as we have some registered users that only make comments, which means it’s on the blog immediately and not held in moderation for my approval….. Think about it…. It’s actually turned out better than I imaged from when Jek talked me into starting it back in March…. I’ve ended up spending more time on the blog than my website, which is sorely way out-of-date (I guess I need to add that to the New Year’s Rez post)…

  7. #7 by Randalf the White

    I am the bozo who submitted the “Michael Hedges” comment. This is when I started having trouble logging
    With apologies to Woody Guthrie & Leon Russell, I think Michael Hedges was the most talented and original
    singer/songwriter/musician ever to hail from the Sooner State.

  8. This may not count as a missed event, but HuskySooner and I had great tickets to the 1991 Yes Union concert at the Myriad. It was going to be in the round too! Supposedly Jon Anderson had the flu, but I suspect not enough people bought tickets.

    Darn it–I was looking forward to that show!!

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    I also had tickets for the Union concert. It was to be my daughter Ryanne’s first chance to see Yes perform live.
    In ’78 or ’79, Robin and I saw them at the Myriad Caverns, and if I’m remembering correctly (I have achieved a
    state of advanced geezerhood), they performed on a revolving stage that night. I distinctly remember that they
    gave a heroic peformance of Awaken—one of my favorites. I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I saw
    them at the Civic Center with Jethro Tull. I was way up in the balcony, and under the influence of some kind of
    chemical, but I thought that girl who did the lead vocals was really good.

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