Sour Grapes

I’m not usually a “sour grapes” type person. Did anyone watch the OU-Texas Tech game?
I felt screwed, blewed & tattooed. And I know……….It’s just a game

2 Responses to “Sour Grapes”

  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    Yeah, we wuz robbed. It’s pretty sad when the refs have instant replay and STILL
    can’t get it right. Rhett had a lot of scarlet in his face yesterday, and now,
    our Cotton Bowl hopes are gone with the wind.
    But hey, the glass is more than half full. Coach has been doing a pretty good job
    of feeding the monster–everyone has to have a re-building year once in a while–
    and he DID send 11 of last year’s starters to the NFL. We should be able to watch
    Rhett and Malcom Kelly play catch for at least a couple more years, and don’t
    forget A.D.

  2. Randalf, that’s called Texas Luck……. If you’re not having any luck, you just make your own, be it by the rules or by the refs…… Just remember, Texas is still below Oklahoma – on the map…….

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