I heard You paint Houses/ The Irishman

So Fans, I know it’s been WAAAYYY Too Long since we posted anything. The worlds just so crazy nowadays where should we start?!!!!
So to tide you over till the next crisis here’s a Book Report/ Movie review.
In 2004 Former prosecutor turned Author Charles Brandt published his work Titled “I Heard You Paint Houses” The Teamsters, The Mafia and Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran.
I was not aware of this book until a PBS History Detectives episode from a couple of years ago on What happened to Jimmy Hoffa.
In which they got extremely close to some Governmental secrets Including Nixon and the JFK assassination! and became their last episode eerily enough!
But I digress:

After viewing that I purchased a copy of this book on audible and after listening to it and doing a little investigating myself I felt that the book and the story told by Mr. Sheeran was plausible and the truth. Knowing how the Mafia did things back in the day and also knowing the weight that Catholics put on their Confessions I feel that Frank Sheeran Is the person who pulled the trigger and ended the life of Jimmy Hoffa on orders of his Mafia “Godfather” Russell Buffalino. And as he told in his book “If I didn’t Do the Hit Jimmy would be just as dead, And I would have went to Australia with him” Meaning he would have went “Down Under” or been buried after being killed himself. And you didn’t refuse to “Do A Job”!

The title refers to the first words Jimmy Hoffa ever spoke to Frank Sheeran (who had been a Union truck Driver) One night Russell handed a phone to Frank and said “Say Hello to your Unions President” After a shaky Hello Hoffa said “I heard You Paint Houses?”, To which Sheeran replied ” And I do MY own carpentry Work Too” (Meaning I get rid of the bodies myself also!) Hoffa was looking for someone to help him out with Union issues involving but not limited to elimination of people who didn’t fit into his version of what he wanted the Teamsters to be and those that opposed his administration as President of the International Brotherhood Of Teamsters. Introduced to Hoffa by The Mob Boss of eastern PA. and Up State New York Russell Buffalino whom He had been doing small “Jobs” For, Sheeran was just one of many Toughs that Hoffa surrounded himself with during the turbulent late ’50s and early ’60s when they were still trying to organize many of the trucking companies.
But unlike many of those union Goons Frank Sheeran became very close to Hoffa and a trusted associate enough that in 1966 Hoffa created a new Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware and installed Frank as interim President until he could be elected by vote of the members a year later. and He became deFacto Bodyguard for Hoffa Accompanying him to many Union dealings and conventions.

One story he tells is that Hoffa was to speak at a meeting of union members that would be attended by a faction of anti Hoffa persons, The Police wanted him to come in a back door to avoid being accosted. Hoffa would have none of that, He said ” No police, No back Door, No Guards I will come in the front and all I need is the Irishman!”

In 1962 He was told by Hoffa to get a truck and co driver and drive to a Concrete plant in Baltimore and take what was loaded onto his truck straight thru to a dog track in Florida where a car would be waiting for him to drive back to home. He claims The crates that were loaded on his truck and he delivered to E. Howard Hunt ( Of Watergate fame) contained Military supplies including Uniforms, and weapons that were used by the Anti Castro forces that landed at the Bay Of Pigs!

On another job he picked up a duffel bag and delivered it to A pilot that was waiting at the same concrete plant. He said that you didn’t have to go through Basic Training to know that bag contained 3 Rifles. And the pilot, David Ferrie ( You remember him, from the JFK Movie that was linked with Clay Shaw, New Orleans businessman prosecuted by Jim Garrison for the JFK Assassination!) delivered them to the assassins in Dallas on Nov 21 1963 after their weapons were confiscated in a traffic stop.

After Hoffa was incarcerated in ’67 and as Frank says “Went to School” he continued doing things for the new Teamsters President Frank Fitzsimmons. But he knew thing would be different when after breaking a strike by a rival union faction he went to Fitz for payment of services/Bail Money He Hung up on Him! He had to go to his own Mafia contacts and they made Fitzsimmons take care of it.
But heck everyone, go get the book and read it yourself…

The Movie The Irishman:
In 2015 Robert DeNero bought the movie rights to Charles Brandt’s fine book, and took on the task of producing a movie version. After starting casting the word leaked out that he was making another epic Mob Movie to Rival Goodfellows! After several attempts to shop the screenplay to several major studios he ended up selling the project to Netflix in 2017.
A few weeks back I noticed that our own fearless leader MRambler had Netflix on his TV and since I could not see any of the limited theatrical releases of the movie in Nov of ’19 I told MR about the book and scheduled a screening after he had read the book.
Last weekend we watched it and lets just say the movie lived up to all the Pre Premiere Hype. It stars all the Mob Movie Heavyweights DeNero, Pacino, ( 1st time starring together)Joe Pesci, As well as many others Ray Ramano (Everybody Loves Raymond) and many actors that you will have seen in many fine movies.
This is one of the best movies that I have seen in years. Robert DeNero’s portrayal of Frank Sheeran is so powerful that he makes one believe that he is a 6’4″ Irish Catholic Killer, Al Pacino’s portrayal of Jimmy Hoffa is right out of Newsreels from Hoffa’s life and Joe Pesci as “The Quiet Don” Russell Buffalino reminds one why he was considered the model for Don Corlione in The Godfather.
One of the highpoints of the movie is the use of all the Classic Automobiles. All the period cars were great and proper to the timeframes they were used in. The CGI graphics and makeup artists did a Great job of Aging the characters from persons in their 30’s into their 80’s. So great acting, settings, and Makeup made for a pleasant viewing experience.

So in conclusion, Arrange for yourselves 3 hours and watch a great movie, If you liked Good Fellows, The Godfather, Casino, and Donnie Brasco you’re gonna like The Irishman. And look for it at the Oscars! (The Golden Globes can Kiss My Butt!)

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