RIP Booker

It’s taken me 2 weeks to finally write this one. Our Friend Booker Passed away on July 7th 2020.

I have very fond memories of everyone’s favorite “Tub”. We met one night when I was checking out the Local Mopar Car Club, He was the 1st person to introduce himself and well the rest is historical.

He was a man of strong beliefs, Very Obstinate when those beliefs were challenged. Passionate about Causes, ( Cars, Cats, StarTrek vs Star Wars, ect) But no one could say he was Boring. Many a Laugh was had mostly at his expense. But If he was your friend he would stick with you through all the Teasing, And He could Give it as good as he could take it too.

I’m probable the most responsible for his Political views. Once when we were driving somewhere I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, From then on he was a Staunch Conservative. (Sorry World)

Most people don’t know where the Nickname ‘Booker” came from. One afternoon He and Our own MRambler and JeK were working on a car in the original MR Central when P.L. came in and he said ” Well if it isn’t BobbyG and Booker T” and that stuck.

There’s many more stories but I’ll save them for the remembrance later today.

Good bye my friend, My Brother.

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  1. Great send-off for the Booker!…. He is and will be missed…

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