Oklahoma needs a Competent Weather Forecaster….

Huskysooner, you need to move back to Oklahoma and become a big TV Weather Star!!!… The one’s we have now predicted for two weeks that we were going to have a bad ice storm here in the OKC area this past weekend – Yes, it did get close, BUT, after it missed us Friday, they predicted it was going to be even worse in OKC Saturday than what was originally predicted for Friday!!… Guess what, Duh, they missed it again… A little light freezing rain that turned to rain today (Sunday)….

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want a dangerous Ice Storm, and, I went out and spent over $100 dollars on an indoor propane heater, car charger for my iPhone, LED camp lights, extra propane bottles, and extra batteries – PLUS – putting up with the largest crowd of Bozo’s I’d seen since the Christmas Season at Wally World doing the same thing….

THAT’S what I’m really mad about – Money that I really didn’t have, spent on something that I really didn’t need right now… Argh!!! Bonehead Oklahoma Weather NON-Forecasters… Of course, I’m sure I will need the stuff sometime down the line… It would just have been nice to have had a little heads-up on when to stockpile supplies so you can plan for it and not face total financial ruin!!! (well, Being me, I probably wouldn’t have paid attention to the warning – maybe that’s why I’m mad – I DID pay attention to this one and got boned)…

So-o-o-o, Come Back, Huskysooner – We can really use your skill-set….

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  1. Sooooo… it was a very difficult meteorological setup and looked like a decent chance for an ice storm all the way from down there to up here in NE Kansas and even further northeast. BUT, and this is a big BUT, there was quite a bit of uncertainty in the forecasts, with different models showing different solutions and not a lot of run-to-run consistency, which suggests uncertainty. The better TV folks discuss uncertainty, but quite a few don’t. I dunno… makes them seem less god-like, I guess. What I don’t get is that up here, it looked like the storm was petering out (it was a going to be a multi-day event with several waves coming through), the weather people didn’t really back down on the ice-storm predictions.

    Now I know they’re always going to err on the side of caution/overprediction in the interest of public safety. Unfortunately, that ‘good’ tendency is oversimplified by the sex appeal of good ratings accompanying iceandsnowmageddon.

    P.S. No, I’m not going on TV.

  2. Good to hear from you, Huskysooner…. Yeah, I know predicting any kind of weather conditions on the great plains (Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, etc) is hard due to the fact there are not many natural land features (Mountain Ranges, Large canyons, huge Rivers, etc.) that affect the speed and movement of the Lows/Highs, the Hot/Cold Fronts and/or the Jet Stream…. They come and go, stop and start as they please…. So, it usually remains a best guess situation for any weather forecasting….

    BUT, We do have some down here (don’t want to mention any names – Mike “Dress in Layers” Morgan – whops, that slipped out Ha!), that make predictions without even looking at the radar readout that’s on the TV screen behind them!!… You should go for the Anchor Weatherman spot – Besides, you’d look GREAT on TV…. Ha!….

  3. Weatherdoom is good for ratings.

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