Proper use of Hiking Boots

Put ’em on your feet, lace ’em up, and promptly put your feet on the coffee table and tune your TV to PBS and watch a “Climbing Mt. Whatever” special……. (Just Kidding!) We need some expert input here since my longest hike was about a mile with a overnight camp….. Although, I did have the honor to serve as Junior Logistics officer for a person who had the will and endurance to hike the section of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) from the Oregon border to the Canadian border…… That’s about 535 miles or so across the entire state of Washington one step at a time with all your food and shelter on your back!!…… Just makes me tired writing about it…… Maybe that person might offer a few hiking/camping tips from time to time (hint – hint)……. Give this site a touch of credibility……….

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  1. Wow. The PCT was some ride; actually it was lots of rides for the logistics people, MR and me. Tarn might have walked over 500 miles, but it took over 2200 miles of driving to support her. Now I did put in my hiking time too, as I was a partner for one of the seven sections. (Thank you MR for taking command during that time.)

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