Hiking the Ridge……

At Jek’s request, here is MR, Master Climber, “Beating Hurricane Ridge”…… Well, second behind TarnDarn Tarn!……

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  1. You did a really good job of cropping out that ladder your’re standing on and making it look like you are really climbing.

  2. Now, would your Fearless Leader perpetrate such a scam?…… Jek took the picture and he will attest that it is not cropped…… There was no ladder and I will say no more…… Thousands of feet – Really scary!…….

  3. 10’000 feet to drop. jim dandy to the rescue. go jim dandy.

  4. I will say that the skillfully taken photo was not cropped. I’ll also say that any photo with so much markup might spark some skepticism. “I can say no more.”

  5. “Please say no more”….. Paul in the studio scene talking to the princess chick from the movie “Help!”…… Is that your reference point, Jek?….. It was mine…….

  6. Yes. I can say no more.

  7. He can say no more……

  8. I’ve gotta skip out on the Help! dialog and set the record straight (sorry MR). Though before I do, here are a couple of fun soundbites for you courtesy of 50megs.com:

    Moving on… What MR is calling the “ridge” is really a snow bank that was blocking the trail that goes along the ridge. It looks like the trees there protected the snow from melting. Here’s a shot of MR where you can see that very snow bank on right-hand side, above his left arm. The snow bank wasn’t as whimpy as it looks–maybe 12 feet high.

    MR with Snow Bank
    MR with the snow bank on the right-hand side.

    Tarn beyond Snow Bank
    Tarn on the now-snowy trail that continues beyond the snow bank.

    So that “Thousands of feet to the bottom” arrow should really point left rather than down. You do get points for lightening up the image and false presentation. Let’s see, 4 manipulation points for the image and 7 manipulation points for the perception; giving MR 11 manipulation points total. I’ll give myself 3 points for taking the picture.

  9. What a Snitch!…… …..But, I’ll say no more……. I could have stumbled and twisted my ankle, you know…… Very, Very Dangerous…… C-o-o-o-l sound bytes, though……

  10. Jek, thanks for shedding some light on the MR photos. From all of the past posts on this blog, I was under the false pretense that this MR character was:
    A Rock Star
    B Mountain Climber
    C Snow Skier
    D Politician
    E Con Artist
    F Race Car Driver
    G Philanthropist
    H All of the Above
    I None of the Above

    No offense, MR.

  11. #11 by MRambler

    No Offense Taken….. Here’s the “Reader’s Digest” version – Still dreaming of being “A”, Never was “B” or “C”, Hates people who are “D” and “E”, Ex-Drag Racer for “F”, “Buddy, can you spare a dime?” sums up “G” and I guess we all are “H” and “I” on one occasion or another…..

  12. It’s cold, a very cold place.

  13. #13 by MRambler

    “Say no more” or you might find tacks in your truck tires……

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