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Here’s Installment No. 3 of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!….. AEROPALMICS  (ayr o palm’ iks)  n.  The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window…. PHONESIA  (fo nee’ zhuh)  n.  The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer….  (MR Note:  I’ve done that!) […]


Here’s the 2nd installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!…… ACCORDIONATED  (ah kor’  de on ay tid)  adj.  Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time….. CLUMFERT  (klum’ furt)  n.  The invisible extra step at the top and bottom of a staircase.  Usually materializes when one is carrying a large bag of groceries…… […]

…A Picture’s Worth…..

a Thousand words…..  Isn’t that the old saying…..  Well, since no one is Posting but me, I’m going to torture you visually now!…..  Let’s see – We now have SINGLETS on Thursdays, and, now MRambler Art on Mondays……  I’m slowly taking over the whole week…..  Better “THINK” about it and jump in before I take […]


A  SNIGLET (snig’ lit) is any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should……  I was going through my tons of stuff and found the book “Sniglets” written by Rich Hall, who used to be on the HBO series, “NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS”…..  I thought, since no one else is Posting (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge), […]

Book Report: Area 51 An Uncensored History Of Americas TOP SECRET Military Base

Here’s another good read. The author gives us a very good insight into the “Base that Doesn’t Exist.” Many equate Area 51 with Aliens, that Is just a SMALL part of the Big Picture out in the Nevada Desert. The Base was started as “The Nevada Test Site” for somewhere that we could test our […]

Book Report: Legacy of Ashes An uncensored history of the CIA

Tagged as “This is the Book the CIA doesn’t want you to read.” Well I just finished this very fascinating book. I have always said ” If we actually knew what our government was really up to it would scare us to death” This is one of those books but, It actually didn’t scare me […]

An Open Letter to the Motoring Public.

This is not directed to our little community But to the rest of the world. I know everyone has seen these signs: But how many know what they mean, or what you as a driver your supposed to do? Upon entering a freeway we all encounter these signs, On the right is a Merge sign, […]

Coming into Seattle…..

Packing up and heading for Seattle to see how the MR Community there is doing……  Arriving late night on the 24th through the 2nd of May…..  Plan to mostly vacation and goof-off, and, get away from the dangerous weather we’ve been having here in Oklahoma…..  PD Bob is all bent out of shape as I […]

Book Report. Dangerously Funny. The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. I have just finished Listening to the audio version of […]

Hard Day’s Chord……

Obscure Musicology 101 – Another good one from Anon….. The first chord of “A Hard Day’s Night” – Never thought of it much, other than it was pretty cool and kicked the song off great… After finding out how it was done and that John, George, and Paul are ALL playing different parts on that […]

New Group “W” Bench…..

During the period of time that Mr. Jek was growing up, we would be constantly working on building projects – Models, electronic kits, any and everything, so, we needed a semi-permanet work space….. I had an old Samsonite card table and we named it ” The Group “W” Bench”….. Why?….. If you can’t figure it […]

It’s Flag Day!……

I’m sure they’re talking about the American Flag…… I hate to admit that I didn’t know that we officially had a Flag Day, and, I’m a Veteran!……. Shame,Shame, Shame on me…… So-o-o, if you have a Flag – Display it….. If you see a Flag – Salute it….. If you grew up in the late […]

Star Wars Technology……

It’s amazing the advances that have occurred in the Medical field….. Our drummer has been diagnosed with two benign brain tumors….. They now have a procedure called Gamma Knife Surgery…. They’ve developed this machine that looks similar to an MRI unit….. The patient remains awake through the whole thing….. First the upper part of the […]

Japan – 70 Years Ago?…..

This is to give you a little insight into how MR’s brain works….. I know, there’s lots of short circuits and blown fuses in there….. Most of you should know by now that I’m a history buff, and, that I believe by having a knowledge of history, we, (as in all human kind), could and […]

It’s Time, Time, Time…..

We all get to “Time Travel” one hour into the future, well, it’s not really time travel, but, we do “Spring Forward” and lose an hour until next Fall (huh?)…..  What a pain, resetting all your clocks, including that uncooperative internal body clock – that’s the one that gives me the most trouble….. A little […]