It’s Flag Day!……

I’m sure they’re talking about the American Flag…… I hate to admit that I didn’t know that we officially had a Flag Day, and, I’m a Veteran!……. Shame,Shame, Shame on me……

So-o-o, if you have a FlagDisplay it….. If you see a FlagSalute it….. If you grew up in the late ’60’s – Early ’70’s, and you own a Flag shirtwear it…… I have a friend (our Bass Player) who had, and may still have, a pair of Red and White vertical wide stripped Overalls – wore them with a Blue shirt…..

Remember, even Mick Jagger wore a British flag at one time – not to mention the entire group known as “The Who”……. So, Fly it, Show it, Salute it, and feel good about it….. Oh, yeah, if you see one of us Vets out and about today, say ThanksIt’ll make our day…… (Step Down – Remove Soapbox)….

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  1. Thanks

  2. I,m guessing you dont know how to fold a flag either. Weren’t you in the scouts?

  3. Never in the Scouts, Anon, or even interested in guns, camping-out, etc., etc…. After I was drafted into the U.S. of A. Army, I learned everything about surviving forever with nothing but a stick and rock if necessary, marching, sleeping with your weapon (rifle, pistol, etc, you perverts), all the pomp and circumstance of the military and our nation….. I finished out my tour as a Drill Sergeant and light weapons expert – taught classes on the M-16, M-79 Grenade launcher, M-60 Machine Gun, M1911-A 45 Cal. Pistol and the 50 Cal Machine gun…… Yes, I now have a small gun collection and love to go target practicing – I DON”T Hunt….. Also, during all that time, I did get assigned to a few burial details, SO, in answer to your question, I do know how to fold a flag without it touching the ground and with only the stars in a field of blue showing when you tuck-in the last fold to form a near perfect triangle…….

    I believe in God and Country like I think you and most Americans do…. I just wish we had better leaders….(Did I say better? – The ways things are now, maybe I should have just said Leaders)……..

  4. I stand corrected sir.

  5. Oh, you’ve done it now, Anon!….. Never call me “Sir” – I work for a living – It’s, “YES, DRILL SERGEANT, I STAND CORRECTED, DRILL SERGEANT!”…..

    Now, those so-called Marine “Drill Instructors” (DI’s), they would make you call them “Sir”….. I guess they think they are on the same level as their wimpy ass Officers…… They are part of the Navy you know…..

    Wonder if I’ll get any feedback on this?…… Just statin’ the facts, man….

  6. Anon, you know why they call Marines “Jarheads”, don’t you?……. When they get up in the mornings, they have to screw their helmets on…… Old Army joke….. Good for starting Bar fights in the USO or EM clubs…..

  7. Drill Sergeant, yes, Drill Sergeant.

    (in sotto voice, stage left) you dumb #**xx*##!!!!

  8. #8 by huskysooner

    Since when is the M2 considered a “light weapon?” And wow, the M-79… them’s the dark ages.

  9. HS, you ask questions that I could write a book about – Maybe I will someday….. I can give you a quick, semi-meaningful answer, or I can give you one with all the background you need to know to understand it fully from someone who actually lived through it (me)…… I’ve started this comment more than once, and, then I think,”Well, he needs to know this to understand that”……. I would enjoy telling the whole 9 yards, which I’m sure would be boring to most…… I’m sure anybody that’s reading this right now is thinking, “It’s such a simple question and statement, what could be so complicated about giving a simple answer?”…..

    So-o-o, I’ll leave it to you – Do you want the long or the short of it?” I don’t mind telling “Old War Stories” if you are interested in the why’s and wherefore’s of our Military SOP during the Vietnam Conflict….. You may be surprised at what you hear……. The Baseball Grenade is in your court…..

    …And, Private Anon, I heard that! – That’ll be twenty push-ups and last in the chow line, not to mention one week on KP duty in the Officer’s Mess – Starting NOW!…..

  10. #10 by huskysooner

    I just mean that the M2 is a crew-served heavy machine gun, and even the air-cooled versions are really heavy.
    [Me: never in the military, of course, but I’ve done lots of metallic-sight competitive shooting from 300-1000 yards with the M1, M1A/M-14, and Rem700-based prone rifle.]

  11. The Browning M2-HB, even though called a “Heavy” machine gun is in the “Small Arms” category…… All my reference books are still boxed up, but, I checked on Wikipedia….. It was designed in 1918 and went into production in 1921….. Here’s a couple of direct quotes from Wikipedia: “In the U. S. Military, small arms refer to handguns or other firearms less than 20 mm in caliber, and including heavy machine guns (typically .50 caliber or 12.7 mm in U.S. Service).”, and “With the exception of the .45 ACP 1911 pistol, the M2 has been in use longer than any other small arm in U.S. inventory.” I know I said “Light Weapons” where I should have said “Small Arms” – same difference.

    I never saw a liquid-cooled version, only the air-cooled one….. No, we didn’t hump the 83 pound .50 Cal around through the boonies, but, they were everywhere – Fire Support Bases, Base Camps, APC’s, Tanks, even on Duce and a half’s (2 1/2 ton trucks)….. As for being a “Crew Served Weapon” – yeah, it was called that, but, with the ammunition canisters they developed, one soldier could more than handle anything, within reason, attacking his position…..

    You have to remember that the Vietnam War was different than any War America has ever been in…… There were no front lines….. I compare it to Medieval times where you protected by living in a castle or fort, and anything outside of those walls was potentially deadly…… In ‘Nam, we built Fire Support Bases (these had artillery units) and Base Camps….. Our “Walls” were concertina wire, empty C-Rat cans, trip flares, and Command Detonated Claymore mines….. EVERYTHING came in and left, with few exceptions, by Helicopters, including the M2-HB’s…… On patrols, we humped the M-60 Machine Gun, which was operated by a “Team” – a Gunner, an Assistant Gunner, and everybody was an Ammo Barrier – 200 rounds per man…..

    Okay, Okay, I’ll stop, but, first, I have to mention the M-79 that you said was from the dark ages…… Sorry, a good “Thumper” man was an greatest thing you could have….. He knew his weapon inside and out and was deadly accurate with it….. In my opinion, when they came up with the XM-203 that mounted on the M-16 under the barrel made the weapon unbalanced and clumsy and was highly inaccurate, plus, you had to carry the 40mm rounds for it along with your basic 140 rounds of M-16 ammo, and 200 rounds of 7.62mm machine gun ammo and your 70-80 pound Ruck…. Believe me, gravity works, walking around in the woods just wasn’t fun anymore…..

  12. Oh, Yeah, HS, maybe we can get together and do some target shooting sometime when you make it back to the OKC area….. The only problem is the closest place that I have access to where we can use the weapons I have, except for the 1967 M1911A, is in Seminole….. Robo’s Dad has 40 acres there and we have made a nice target range with facilities….. I guarantee you the opportunity to test out some exotic and historic weapons…… If interested, give me a call (your Dad and Jek has my number), or e-mail me, just give me a few days lead time to set it up….. We only kill targets and Safety is First and Highly Enforced….. It would be great!…….

  13. Yes shame on you. especially since you were invited by LBJ to go over to SE Asia and fight under it.
    To jump on the band wagon, I never was in the scouts either. But growing up in a family of cops (Moms side, OHP, OCPD.) I have always been into weaponry. In fact one instance where it got me into trouble (that’s another story) But it did not diminish my love for guns. And still do today, My finances keep me from having all the ones that I want. Top of the list Desert Eagle .50 cal

  14. I’m with you there, J., My finances keep me from driving the long distance to the range, along with the expense of ammunition….. We have a very sad economy these days….

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