Taj Mahal

Got to see Taj Mahal at “The Jazz Alley” Friday the 19th….. I went in good company – Jek and TTop from MRC and members from MC6 – Eight of us in all, so, there was going to be fun even if Taj didn’t show up!  Taj did show up, but, I guess if it “Wasn’t For Bad Luck, I’d Have No Luck At All” (an old Blues line) since Taj actually LOST his voice on about the third song…. He sounded like a whispering frog – claimed it was the first time it had ever happened to him….. Even after a couple of hot drinks with lemon slices in them, his poor voice didn’t improve, so, most of the concert were instrumentals from that point on, but, it was still worth the money and very enjoyable……

….And then the snow and ice came (see previous Post), but, all-in-all, I’m having a great time…… Still got a week to go……

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  1. I’ve seen a few shows there. It’s a fun place.

  2. …And, it’s really big….. You walk in and go down a flight of stairs into this huge auditorium size dining/concert hall….. Our table was in front of the stage, slightly off to the left with only one small table of 4 in front of us… The picture was taken from my seat….. It was a great view….. Jek, Anon, me, and few others saw Taj here also a few years back, and, except for losing his voice, he is still on top of his game……

  3. You Lucky *$*#. We have got to go sometime when Chains are not required.

  4. Mr. J., I’m up to going anytime I get the chance, and, you’re always invited along (With or without chains)….. Wearing chains is a different matter – We would have to call you J.J.Alice in Chains (Ha!)….. It was a GREAT show though….. Nah-Nu, Nah-Nu……..

  5. Chains, as in Tire. goober.

  6. I know that and you know that, but, just maybe, everybody doesn’t know about your tire chain fetish (Just Kidding, J.)……

  7. I thought J.J. was into spikes. Looks like a lot of fun wish I was there.

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