Yep, PD Bob was running and jumping all over the house way too early this morning…..  It took a few minutes to figure out what the Heck was wrong with him….  Then it stuck me – it’s GROUNDHOG DAY……  We just finished watching the DVD (and all the extras) of the movie starring Bill Murray……  I guess it had been a year since I last watched it…..  There were some parts in it that seems funnier than before…..  Weird…..  Anyway,  PD Bob hereby Ordered me to ORDER everyone to watch the movie,even if you have to go out and BUY it!…..  I wouldn’t ignore it too much – That little FurBot seems to know everything that goes on!……

3 Responses to “It’s “GROUNDHOG DAY”…….”

  1. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out.

  2. Saw it at the theater with Izard if memory serves…. or watched it on cable at his house if I’m getting old and senile. Good flick!

  3. Well, you ought to rent it, buy it, borrow it, or steal it if you have to, BUT, definitely watch IT!!!! PD Bob is watching YOU (everybody) and he has his notebook out and an Atlas (That means he’s checking locations on everybody!)…… Risk it if you want….. Do you feel LUCKY?…….

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