I don’t Even Want To Post This…….

If anyone would have given me a list of people that would/could be probable suicide candidates, Robin Williams would have been so far off the the list and the radar it would be astronomical…..  I can not tell you how glad I am going to be when 2014 finally disappears from our current calendar……  This makes Two (2) people (One close – Dusten – One a super star  to me – Robin) who went with the suicide route along with more than I care to name that have passed on this year……  What is it with 2014?……  Is it just me, or has it got to everyone?……  I’ve accomplished less, I’m lazier, Just lost interest in many things that used to seem so important, seems I’m going backward instead of forward……  The World seems to be going into a giant tailspin that I’m not so sure it will recover from……  Let’s all hope and pray that that’s ALL it is – Just a BAD YEAR!, because if it’s not, we’ve had it…….  I’m going to start celebrating New Year’s tomorrow and every day thereafter until 2014 is GONE!……  Who wants to join the party!……  If things are going to get better – WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT!……  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. ….And another one bites the dust….. We have to add Lauren Bacall to our list of famous actors/actresses…… Granted she was much older, but, again, 2014 rears it’s ugly head…… When will it end?….. Will it end?….. Will it even slow down?…… Any thoughts or suggestions?…… Oh, Yeah, Have a nice, SAFE day!……

  2. A friend forwarded this link of Robin’s work. Some are quite long including an interview at Julliard (sp?) which I recommend.


    He and his comedy lives.

  3. Thanks, Anon….. I’ve always been a Robin Williams fan, and, I think it rubbed off on Jek also……. I’ll check these out…… I can always use a good laugh from a SUPER STAR of Comedy…… My worry is – What or Who are we going to replace these irreplaceable people with?…… Maybe, since I don’t have cable, I’m not seeing the funny underground comedians that I’ve grown accustom to….. The jokes that I hear on TV/Radio are more rude and crude than funny…… To me, if you have to be rude/crude to get even a small laugh, then you’re not much of a comedian….. The World’s imploding and it’s NOT going to let us in!…… Aliens will just pass by and say, “What are those funny little frozen bugger-like things floating around that inverted Planet with the sign that says, “Earthlings KEEP OUT! All Others WELCOME”…… Welcome to the Future, Anon……..

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    I’ve never been the hugest RW fan, but what I’ve really enjoyed are all the heartfelt comments, essays, tweets from people big and small in the Hollywood industry.

    Yeah, it’s been a difficult year.

  5. I’m the first to admit, HS, that Robin Williams went “over the top” in a lot of his skits and jokes, but, you could just tell by looking at him, that he was enjoying himself to the fullest and wanted us (the audience) to “get” the joke/pun/punch line….. I think that this was one of the most important things in his life – Making people happy and seeing the World as it really is – Appalling sometimes and funnier than anything at other times….. God made his “Human Computers” way too complicated with many, many interfacing flaws that, when combined in certain, unpredictable combination, causes the most disastrous results….. Death being at the top of the list……. You’ll be missed, Robin…….

  6. I think that RW had some kind of mental disorder that he was able to channel into a career. The guy was probably manic depressive, as his routines were so frenetic but depression was something he battled personally for a long time. I tend to make quick leaps between apparently unrelated things to make a joke (or what I think is one), but this guy did it in spades. Read yesterday that he was apparently diagnosed with early Parkinson’s, it may be that he just didn’t want to go out like that. I was not always a RW stand-up fan, but I know Jonathan Winters was an early fan and mentor to him, you can tell they were along the same vein. It’s sad anytime someone fully actualized in their field passes, I think doubly so when it’s someone that can keep us laughing in this sorry world. May have to dust off a copy of Mrs. Doubtfire tonite.

  7. Besides Jonathan Winters, Robin paid homage to Lord Buckley. Remember Him? Another inventive comedian. I think Robin must have got some of his voices from Buckley.

  8. I think Robin could get any voice he wanted to imitate from anybody, and, usually he did immediately on the spot!….. Amazing!……

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