I Wonder…..

……Whether it’s the “Weather”……  I’ve been feeling yucky as can be for the last two weeks or so and I think I’m going to blame the “Weather”……  We went from freezing cold Winter Weather to high 60’s and low 70’s with lots of wind and low, low humidity – Big fire danger, for about a week or so, and now, we’re back to the freezing cold and Winter Weather again, sort of……  Believe me, it’s been a roller coaster – Today and tomorrow – warm, Warm, WARM, then Sunday into Monday – Mid 20’s for highs and a Winter Mix predicted…..  Talk about messing with your allergies and all that – YUCH!….  I know I’ve been making quite a few “Weather” Posts, but, the “Weather” has been so screwy, and, it just seems to be getting weirder all the time – Along with our new influx of Earthquakes – It’s time to get out of Oklahoma, if you can…..  Actually this Post is meant to be the explanation of why I haven’t been Posting the last week or so…..  Blame it on the Weather (Ha!)…..  Of course, Some, or all, of you MR Community members are welcome to Post ANYTIME you like – Hint, Hint!…..  Anyway, I hope I get to feeling better, and, I look forward to a few Posts from ANYONE…… eh?…..

8 Responses to “I Wonder…..”

  1. Like I told you It took me 3 weeks to get over the Flu Because I could not get away from the Weather. Not gonna even say what it has cost me. See ya Tomorrow/Fri.

  2. Had the flu recently. Sickest I have been in years (and no I never get a flu shot).

  3. Yeah, this weekend blast doesn’t look like much fun.

  4. I HAVE been getting the flu shot for the last few years, so, I, at least, didn’t get the flu on top on whatever I’ve got….. I don’t know, it might be better if I actually had something that was definable and I could just take something to cure it….. On well, maybe it’ll go away in a few days (I hope!)……

  5. I think I mentioned this before, along with your flu shot, remember to get a pneumonia shot.

    The shot is good for a few years. There are two kinds of pneumonia and the shot only covers one kind. There is no shot for the the other, but still…. Pneumonia is a killer.

  6. I’m gonna check with the V.A. and see if I can get the Pneumonia shot, Anon….. I definitely don’t need to come up with Pneumonia along with whatever I have now….. No WAY!……

  7. Yes next year I WILL be getting a Flu shot. I came home at the end of Jan. with the full blown Type A Flu. (Mrs. J.J. Got a shot back in Oct. Usually when I get around her with a little cold within 24hrs she has it big time). This time I was with her for 4 days with the flu, Never got even a sniffle. Next year sign me up for one please.

  8. Okay, Mr.J., you and Raj be sure and get your flu shots next year, BUT, check with me first so I can be sure that I have already got mine…. Don’t want you two to use up all the vaccine before I get mine!….. There have been shortages the last few years (Ha!)……

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