Toenail Rot

Got toenail rot? Try soaking your toes repeatedly in vinegar until they smell and look like little gherkins.
A tip from Doc Boric.

4 Responses to “Toenail Rot”

  1. Doesn’t sound very appetizing, Anon, pickling your toes, but, I’ll keep it in mind just in case……

  2. Oh yeah, thanks for Posting, Anon, even if it is about toes (Ha!)….. C-o-o-l…..

  3. You wanted a post.

    Thinking about a medical advice section.

  4. Yeah, we could use a medical advice column from ‘ol Doc Boric….. This Post reminds me of the line in “Come Together” by the Beatles as in “Toe Jam Football”….. Maybe it can be a Musical Medical Column – That would be cool and unique….. eh?…..

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