Sorry, I missed making a Post on “911” on the 11th due to the fact that I was in the middle of having some dental work done on the 10th and 12th…..  I don’t enjoy visits to the Dentist, and this one turned out to be a Lu-Lu with many problems (still going on as a matter of fact)…..  So-o-o, I didn’t even realize “911” had come and gone until the 13th…..  The unfortunate thing about “911”, in my opinion, of course, was that I believe it could have been prevented…..  At that time (and I think it is still going on), all the involved government agencies that had access to relevant information refused to work together (i.e., share information), they worked for their own glory and to justify their own existence…..  We, as American citizens, paid dearly because of it…..  Then, what our Government did in retaliation, and what is still continuing, is shameful…..  It’s all a disgrace to those people who where killed and injured in the 911 attacks and the American public….  The rest of the World has not failed to see this…..  We are making more enemies abroad daily because we have our noses stuck in over a 120 different countries around the World…..  Most of this intervention on our part, is not for Humanity or “Justice for All”, but, for the preservation of “Big Business” and Oil companies…..  You have the right to disagree, but, to me, it’s a sad, sad situation, and, I don’t see it changing, except for the worse, anytime in the future…..  I hope I’m wrong…..

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  1. I guess the lack of comments on this just proves 1 of 2 things either 1. We all have been too busy working and putting up with the world around us or, 2. No one cares. I Want to believe it’s 1. For some insites into some of the govt failings read “The Commission” Sorry I forget the author.

  2. Yeah, Mr. J., I hope you’re right and everyone is just trying to cope with our current situation, which is that we have a Congress that can’t get anything done and America is facing a complete government shutdown and these Bozo’s are still playing political games – Protecting their own asses and assets….. As it was said in the movie “Caveman”, ‘We’re in deep Do-Do”….. Everyone needs to start letting Congress and any Government official know what they think about this…. There is POWER in numbers….. Surely, people realize that something has to be done or We, The People, as a nation, are DONE!….. Taking the attitude that you can’t do anything about it is STUPID!….. It’s time to put “The Government” back in the hands of “The People” – which is “US” (which also stands for “United States” – we need to be united as a people again – Is it that Hard?)…..Think about it!….. Do Something – Anything…..

  3. ( back from doc’s. Hands worked on. Resting)

  4. Good to hear from you, Anon….. Hopefully your fingers will be able to do the walking again before long…… We miss your *&%#!* Comments and Posts (Ha!)…..

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