This Is Only A Test

Why does it give my real name if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link102″).style.display=”none”;} as my user name in comments???????

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  1. NOTE: As soon as I get Anon’s account cleared up, this Post and comments will be deleted……

    Anon, if you are talking about the comment on Run, MRambler, Run, you made that comment when you account was messed up and it was held in moderation because you were not logged in as Anon, therefore, when I approved it, it displayed your real name as the user name….. Now that you are signed in properly, it should indicate your correct user name….. To test this, make a comment on this post, it should indicate your correct user name as anon…. If not, I’ll try and figure out what’s up….. How’s your plumbing coming along?…..

  2. MR is correct. Your name is nowhere in the system. You were probably not logged in and your helpful browser probably autofilled it in for you. I changed the author of your comment to ‘anon’. Everything should be fine now. Please comment here to make sure. Thanks.

    BTW, if you’re logged in when leaving a comment, you will only see the Anti-spam word and the comment box. There will NOT be a spot for name and email. (If you see name and email, you are not logged in.)

  3. Thanks for the additional info, Jek….. OK, Anon, we are waiting for you to make a comment on this Post and then we’ll know if everything is back on course…..

  4. What? You guys are speaking gibberish. Speak normaleze.

    Hay, things are back to the way they were before they weren’t.

  5. Glad to hear everything is back to normal with your account, Anon….. You made it though it even though you didn’t understand in the slightest what Jek an I were talking about (Ha!)…… I’ll leave this Post and Comments up for a day or so to give you time to read this…… THIS POST AND COMMENTS WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN 48 HOURS (or I might just leave it up for the whole MR community to enjoy – your choice!)……

  6. Whatever

  7. Eh?….. We’ll just leave it up…. Won’t hurt anything and it will slowly disappear as more Post are made….. The good thing is that you are up and running again……

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