Comedy Can Be Dangerous….

Here’s a little known fact I picked up while watching a retro TV station…..  The Three Stooges were the first comedy group to satirize Hitler in the 1930’s…..  In 1940, Hitler added The Three Stooges to his personal “Kill List”…..  It appears jokes can be Dangerous….  Better keep your April Fool’s Day pranks to a minimum!…..  Note:  The above is NOT an April Fool statement…..

2 Responses to “Comedy Can Be Dangerous….”

  1. I always thought Chaplin was the 1st with The Dictator. Comedy is indeed dangerous and to quote Steve Martin “Comedy is not Pretty”.

  2. Or, Mr. J., as FZ would say by naming his 6 volume (all double CD’s) album release, “You Can’t Do that On Stage Anymore”, or, maybe, his “Does Humor Belong in Music?” album title…. Looks like FZ knew more than the average Joe…..

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