Where is Everybody?…..

This is a Good/Bad/Worse Question…..  Jek’s on vacation and there’s been problems with hackers on the server…..  So far as I can tell, there hasn’t been any problems with the Blog….  All the Spammers/Hackers attempts have been caught in moderation and dealt with appropriately.  S-o-o-o, if that statement is true, why are there no other Posts or Comments, except from yours truly, MR, appearing on the Blog?….  Did Everybody go on Vacation?….  If so, you FORGOT to invite me….. eh?….

How about, at a minimum, a Comment to the effect of “Yes, I’m still around, but, I’m (a) Too busy right now, (b) I’m bored with your lame Posts/Comments, (c) I can’t think of anything to Post/Comment, (d) My dog ate my Computer, (e) My Cat ate my Computer and my Dog ate my Cat, (f) I still can’t think of anything to Post/Comment, (g) I forgot how the English language works, (h) I broke both my hands saving a baby from a burning building, or (i) Why bother because the World’s going to end before I finish composing a really cool Post/Comment”.…  Just select the proper lower case letter that applies to your situation and send it……  PLEASE….


11 Responses to “Where is Everybody?…..”

  1. I think I found the problem….. The anti-spam software was recently updated and it needed some tweaking….. Hopefully, everything will work right now……

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    Sheesh, what’s a vacation? I was in D.C. for a meeting a couple weeks ago but have been back since. Just busy busy busy trying to get students finished.

    But I’m not going to be drawn into a weapons/gun control thread :-).

  3. I know what you mean, HS, we’re really busy right now finishing up the tracks for our latest CD….. I’m extra busy, since I’m the only artistic one, I the one who does all the artwork…. This is CD #4…. If you’re interested, I’ll send you a copy when it’s done – I think this is our best yet….. Jek plays keyboard/synth on a couple of tracks…..

    I wasn’t aiming the Post at you – You’ve been great and I agree with you on the weapons/gun thingy – The lines are drawn – We’ll just have to see how it turns out…..

  4. Lost my towel and the ability to say anything intelligent. Never seen me without a towel? Naked and babbling, but still here.

  5. The mental picture you just generated in my mind is more than I care to see….. Thank you very much, Anon….. And, thanks for checking in….. It looks like I got the anti-spam word thingy straightened out, and I didn’t see any attempted hacking/spamming comments today… No weird comments, attempted links, etc. in the “Moderation” department…. I think we’re clean and green…. Jek told me that as far as the Blog goes, there was never a problem of it being compromised…..

    Get your towel on, Anon, and have a good day!…..

  6. I am a perma-lurker.

  7. Great to hear from you, TTop….. Lurk to your heart’s content, just remember, you do have the option to jump right in and Post/Comment on anything at anytime….. I heard you can get help at “Lurker’s Anonymous” (Ha!)…..

  8. a, e, g, &i.

  9. Thank You, Mr. J.!…. You actually read and followed the instructions about entering the appropriate lower case letter…… I was wondering if anyone would….. Of course, you DON’T win anything, and being a smart-ass, you might lose some points with the rest of the MR Community…. Oh, well, such is the price of fame and humor (see previous Post) in this World…..

  10. c.f.h. and I or was it just g.

  11. You’re lucky to get in to comment as the Spammers have been messing with the Blog’s anti-spam program, which makes the anti-spam word invalid preventing comments to be made…. I have to check every chance I get to make sure it is working….. They are also flooding the Blog with new user registrations, which, fortunately, get held in moderation, which, lets me delete them before they can spam all over the site….. I just don’t understand people anymore…..

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