the adventure of Robo and his Christmas trip

Friday the 21 of December I road with Mrambler and then my parents to Arkansas for a Christmas vacation and to see my parents new house. Here it is late Saturday and I have not seen my parents house. I have seen a lot of room 444 in saint Marys hospital. I have an inflection and am receiving a lot of attibiotics. I am getting a MRI on Monday and will know more then.

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  1. Yeah he told me bout the trip yesterday. And that you were not looking well. Robo, Please take care of your self. Listen to the docs, and get better.

  2. Robo, Are you in Ft. Smith? Please call MR and let us know whats going on. or If you need to call me Collect.

  3. Right, Robo, please call and let us know what is going on ASAP…. I will be in and this afternoon, but, I will be home by 6:00 pm and will have Skype on as well as my phone….. I will keep Skype up from 6:00 to 7:00 pm…. I will have my cell phone anytime I’m away from the house…..

  4. Sunday night I’m filling and looking better I have some pain in my foot and they have been giving me hydrocodon so I have sleep most of today. Around 7 pm I skyped MRambler. Still waiting for the MRI on Monday to find out any thing new. I will update the blog sometime tomorrow after I know something. MRambler has my room number if you wish to call JJ.

  5. Well……….Merry Christmas to everyone and robo get well.

  6. Here it is Monday night and I have had a MRI but I still don’t know the plan. One Doc says antibiotics will fix it in 6 weeks or so. Another Doc says amputate it. I have a small bone infection and I like my foot. Tomorrow will either be surgery to clean up my foot our not but it will not be an amputation.

  7. Hang in there, Robo, and don’t let ’em take any body parts (foot)!….. I’m thinkin’ you’ll be good to go soon and intact….. Oh, yeah, you can read Mr. J’s comment on this Post on my Post on Christmas Eve….. Mr. J gets confused sometimes (Ha!)…..

  8. It’s Christmas night and I know the plan just not the timing. They are going to release me from the hospital here in Russellville. Then I’m going to spend one night at my parents. Then I’m going to Midwest city regional hospital for second opinions and some wound care.

  9. Still don’t know the timing of the move to OKC. We’re trying to get my kidneys working again the numbers stayed the same today no better but also not worse. Hopefully they will start getting better and I will be able to get back to OKC in the next few days. We have asked for a second opinion on the foot maybe I will hear some good news tomorrow.

  10. “Get BETTER now, Robo”!!!… That’s a direct order from PD Bob, although, his orders don’t carry that much weight with me right now, seems he and Oscar (the Cat), his new sidekick, managed to turn Christmas upside down for me…. I’m more than a little perturbed with them at the present….. I’ll make a Post of what they’ve been up to later today….. Anyway, keep us updated and do get better, as in full recovery….. Seems your Christmas hasn’t been the best, either…. Do what the doc’s tell you and ride it out…. See ya when you get back in the OKC area……

  11. #11 by huskysooner

    Holy moly… hope you’re getting better.

  12. Numbers stayed the same again today. They are trying some different meds hope they give my kidneys a break and they start to work again. Doctors are a stubborn bunch the nurses and wound care say my foot looks better the doc with out looking at it tried to talk me into an amputation.

  13. I agree with HS – “Holy Moly!” – Don’t be giving up any body parts – Gee-Whiz, tell the Doc to amputate his own foot, maybe he’ll see the whole thing in a different light!…..

  14. I have talked to 3 bone doctors and they all say the same thing the foot has to go. So the foot is going Sunday morning or more likely Monday afternoon. Then some recovery and then home.

  15. I just checked the Blog and saw your above comment….. I’m still holding out that they may change their minds, ’cause that’s really bad news….. Keep us updated and also, you or your parents please contact me as soon as possible on the care and feeding of your house…..

  16. Tomorrow between 1:00 and 2:30 they are going to do step one removal of the foot the bone doc says he will look into the wounds before he starts chopping. Step two will be48 hours after step one and it will be the sewing up and final clean up. Then about a week in recovery.

  17. Robo, sorry I havn’t replied sooner(tried once but technology got in the way) as you know the last week has been crazy. (understatement of the millennium). I am sad to hear of how your medical condition has progressed. I am hoping that the docs are treating you well and you will be back with us soon. Take it easy and listen to the medical professionals and we will see you soon.

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